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Thursday July 20th, 11:30 Currently Celebrating: Festival of the Fox

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We are currently in Open Beta

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What is Novilar?

Novilar is a Virtual Pet RPG, where players follow their patron Guardian through a portal into a beautiful new virtual world. Choose your profession, go on adventures, and unlock the secrets of your new home alongside unique animal companions.


  • Highly customizable pets
  • Colorful world and lore
  • Custom upload your own skins
  • Extensive crafting system
  • Monthly celebrations and events


We are currently in Open Beta, and registration is open to the public! Novilar is not yet a 'finished' game, but all core features are present and players can enjoy the site while development on exciting new features continues.

Desert Celebration!
New Apparel helps you battle the elements.

Everybody wants to be a... Fox!
To help us celebrate the Festival of the Fox, fluffy fox tails (and ears) for your Human Avatar are now stocking in the Festival Stall shop.


But maybe you also need some equipment for your travels? We've got you covered!
These sharp Swords are sure to cut through any cactus that stands in your way.


If that's not enough, there are many more new apparel items also stocking in the Festival Stall! Get dressed up and head out to the Desert with us as we enjoy the summer heat and play in the sand.
Posted by runeowl || 4 days ago