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Hippity Hoppity Announcement.
Are those bunny ears sticking out of that bush?

Rabbits can now be found hopping around the desert. Can you convince one to come home with you?

Welcome to August
Contests and Festival update

Welcome to August 1st everyone! Recently we have came to the decision to veer away from fashion show contests due to the lack of apparel items, therefore we will be holding different contests each month to replace these. The fashion show contests are not gone forever and will return once more apparel items are made. 

This months contests are: 

Artistic Contest

Writing Contest

Design A Snake


In other news the Festival Stall has been updated, so get the items while you can! 

Welcome to July

We would like to start off the month thanking all of those who have entered into lasts months contests an to congratulate all the contests winners to your lovely designs. 

This months theme for the Pet and Avatar Fashion Show is Barrens. The theme for this months Artistry Contest is more relaxed, artist have free reign for designing a skin for this months guardian the Fox. 

The Festival Stall has been updated. Come check it out to purchase the new Lion skin item, Strawberry Boy and Strawberry Girl. These will be sold for limited time before being temporarily retired. 

Pet Fashion Show

Avatar Fashion Show

Skin Artistry Contest

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Daily Bonuses

Just for today, you gain the following bonus when releasing pets which meet any of the following:

  • + 1,500 Wolf species
  • + 1,000 Stockings marking