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Monthly Contests Return

June 2020 Contest

It's June 1st everyone, we hope you all are staying safe and healthy! We would like to introduce three new contests to begin the month. The deadline for all are June 25th at 11:59:59 Novilar time. So try a hand at one of them or all for a chance to win prizes. 

Avatar Fashion Show Contest 

Pet Fashion Show Contest 

Skin Artistry Contest 

Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to all

The winners for the March forum contests have all been announced and prizes awarded.

Congratulations to all our winners!

New contests for April will be announced in the coming week.

Release Price Bug Fixed

We've done it again!

There was a bug going around that increased the base prices of the pets released, we apologize to anyone inconvenienced, but that bug was fixed. The rates going forward are as follows:


Adult pets unaffected by the Species and Marking bonuses will net you between 1,000 and 3,000 coins per release.

Baby pets unaffected by the Species and Marking bonuses will net you 500 coins.


Thank you all for your time and patience with the bugs going around.

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Daily Bonuses

Just for today, you gain the following bonus when releasing pets which meet any of the following:

  • + 2,500 Rabbit species
  • + 2,000 Siamese marking