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Welcome to July

We would like to start off the month thanking all of those who have entered into lasts months contests an to congratulate all the contests winners to your lovely designs. 

This months theme for the Pet and Avatar Fashion Show is Barrens. The theme for this months Artistry Contest is more relaxed, artist have free reign for designing a skin for this months guardian the Fox. 

The Festival Stall has been updated. Come check it out to purchase the new Lion skin item, Strawberry Boy and Strawberry Girl. These will be sold for limited time before being temporarily retired. 

Pet Fashion Show

Avatar Fashion Show

Skin Artistry Contest

Hello friends!

An update has been made to the monthly perks for our premium subscribers.

Previously the monthly perks (6 free crystals + 1 free chest) for subscribers were given out on the first of the month for everyone. So if you subscribed early in the month, you would have had to wait a while to get your first monthly perk and this wasn't really indicated anywhere. I believe as a partial remedy it was made so 6 crystals were given immediately upon subscribing, but this means that subscribers would get 12 crystals in their first subscription cycle.

These issues are now solved:

Monthly perks are now based on subscription date, so when you subscribe you get your first monthly perk (6 crystals + 1 chest) immediately, and then further monthly perks are given on a 30 day interval since the last time you received a perk. There's also now proper logging of the giving of these perks so that moderators are better able to assist if something is to go awry.

If you subscribed before this month, you will receive perks on 30 day intervals starting from June 1st. If you subscribed in June, you have received your first monthly reward within the past hour, and your schedule will be every 30 days from today. New subscribers going forward will always receive their perks on a 30 day interval from their original subscription date, or in other words the monthly renewal date.

The way monthly subscriber perks are given now aligns with how it is implied in the subscriber benefits list. If you have any questions about this update, or about premium subscriptions feel free to drop a comment!


PS: Thanks for bearing with us during the unexpected downtime this morning. The issue has been resolved!

Pet Organization Tabs
A sorted territory is a happy territory

Hello all!

You can now organize your pets into storage tabs. Head to your territory, and you'll notice a new row above the filtering options. "Unsorted" shows pets that have not been put into tabs yet. Press the + button next to "Unsorted" to create your first storage tab. Basic members can make up to 15 tabs, premium subscribers can make 100 tabs. Choose a name to create the tab.

After you've made a tab, you can move pets into it. Press the Move Tabs icon on a pet to move it, or you can set the tab from the Edit Pet page. 

You can delete and rename your tabs if you wish. Deleting a tab does not delete the pets within it.

Storage tabs are a great way to sort pets however you see fit. You might create a tab for pets that you are selling, or make one for each species.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

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Daily Bonuses

Just for today, you gain the following bonus when releasing pets which meet any of the following:

  • + 1,500 Otter species
  • + 2,000 Merle marking
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