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Goodies to Open

Crates and Bags of Gold!

Do you like to open goodies? We do!


One thing that was recently requested, and that we were totally on board with was more Crates. People like opening stuff, we like opening stuff, and we hope you like opening stuff. So consider this news post one big opening of stuff - new shiny site stuff!

  • Cache of Items will now drop only 4 resource items, this is to further tweak the balancing of the game.
  • Bag of Coins will now be rewarded with quests and offerings to Guardians, these bags contain a good bit of Gold that you can tuck away for a rainy day.
  • The Crystal Shop now contains 3 chests filled with random types of goodies: Chest of Food, Chest of Resources, and Chest of Apparel. These Chests cost Crystals, but are affordable and a good way to find rare apparel, food, or stock up on resources when you just want walk in the Jungle anymore (or you are just tired of all the vines...)
We will be starting to add new items to the game now, as we have gotten through the majority of site issues and have actually gotten ahead on most of the bugs. There will always be issues but we can now squash them as they come along versus running head-long into them. This means new features like these Chests and Crates, which you will start to see used more often.
Posted by Digital about 1 day ago

Explore and Store Balancing

It's all for a more efficient world, right?

Exploration Update
Exploring has been updated to be a little more aware of what is common and rare to find when exploring. For the majority, it will seem little different, for some of you keeping track you will notice that Item Drops, Minipets, Gold, and Encounters appear a less frequently. Also, you will notice you will discover more common items and rare items will be much more well - rare.

Waste not, want not - Shop Update
To further balance things out, the shops are now being a little more reserved in their stocking of their shelves. Items will not accrue over the course of the day (who needs 100 Twine anyway), and will not stock above a certain threshold.

But Questing!
These changes will make questing potentially harder if shops sell out. Although this is true, enterprising users can sell excess items in their User Shops to fill the gaps, and earn gold while at it. 
Posted by Digital about 1 week ago

Weekly Update

Some UI / Some Premium Features

Announcing Subscriptions

Starting today (well, yesterday), users can now opt to sign up as a Subscriber. A Subscriber unlocks additional features for your account for a monthly fee. This will replace Patreon moving forward, and is completely integrated into the site.

Why should you consider becoming a Subscriber?

Subscribers help provide a stable income from the site, allowing the team to push the development of the game even further. We have big plans, and being able to spend more time on those plans means they come out faster. By becoming a Subscriber, you are helping us to be able to do more, quicker, and better.

Artist Wanted

I am looking to hire a part-time to full-time artist for the game. If you are interested, please reach out to me in our Discord chat.

Some UI changes

  • As some of you may have noticed already, some pages on the site have changed, first you will notice sections appear well, more sectioned off, and the Bank got a refresh of it's functionality and pages. These are a first step towards a generally improved gameplay.
  • Another thing that has changed as the forum settings, profile settings, and user settings have been combined together in Account Settings. This makes finding all settings for your account easier to find and cleans up our navigation bar.
  • Also, when exploring you will notice less chances of seeing the same event twice. This is to make exploring a little more easier to track.
Posted by Digital about 1 week ago