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Festival of the Snake

More fabulous goodies in the Festival Stall!

It's August, and while we apologize for the late start, we would like to officially welcome you all to the Festival of the Snake!

We have a few new items in the Festival Stall for you to enjoy this month, including the Snake Mark (pet apparel), Baby Ocelot (minipet), and Baby Tapir (minipet). There's also a few other goodies in there, so be sure to take a peek before the end of the month, as the new items will be retired, and the others won't be available again until next August.


Festival of the Lion

New goodies in the Festival Stall!

New goodies in the Festival Stall!

You will now be able to celebrate the Lion Festival this month with the following new minipets and pet apparel in the Festival Stall. Let us introduce you to the Giraffe Calf, the Elephant Calf, and the Mark of the Lion. You can find all three in the Festival Stall through the end of June, at which time they will become retired.


Unlocking Exploration Scenes are Back!

Now the regions come to your pets!

Some Exciting News: Region Scenes are Back!

What does this mean, it means that when you explore 1,000 steps in each region, you can unlock a scene for your pets. This was a long-broken feature that has been updated and is now working again.

We are in the process of proactively setting all your steps for regions based on our collected data. So if you have already traveled the 1,000 steps, we will automatically reward you the achievement and the scene. So no need to start over 😊.

We are also syncing up minipet counts for all users as well.

Novilar is free, join now!

Site Status

2019-06-04 21:01:07 Digital (#3053)

Some pages should see a speed increase, including item heavy pages and exploring.

2019-06-02 19:53:20 Digital (#3053)

An intermittant issue with breeding requests failing when using items has been fixed!

2019-05-30 20:52:12 Digital (#3053)

Guestbook feature is now live on profiles allowing users to comment on other users profiles! βœπŸ““

2019-05-30 19:44:31 Digital (#3053)

🌎New changes were made to how often you find things in exploration, details and feedback can be posted here.

2019-05-29 22:36:38 Digital (#3053)

Added this site status section to allow staff to communicate with players more transparently! πŸŽ‰

Daily Bonuses

Just for today, you gain the following bonus when releasing pets which meet any of the following:

  • + 1,500 Eagle species
  • + 1,000 Tail_tip marking