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Just in Time for Summer

New apparel to make sure you rock the sunny weather!

Just in time for summer, we have some wonderful new swimsuit attire for all of you. These are available in the Magnifique Boutique? for sale.

These are so fabulous, that we had the designer also prepare some goodies for pets, but ssshhh.
Posted by Digital about 1 day ago

Getting Dressed Up!

Look classy at any time of the year!

In our first real content update in a long time, we have some classy new items to get dressed up in.

You can find the Blue Dress, Blue Shoes, Red Dress, Red Shoes, as well as the Black Suit Shirt and Black Suit Pants in the Magnifique Boutique now. While there and if you have the Crystals available, you can purchase a premium Red Polka Dot Dress as well.

Posted by Digital about 1 week ago

Meet Kandis, Lottery Guard

Go make your golds by playing the lottery!

As a fun new feature, we are introducing a new stall in the shop, managed by a friendly guard, Kandis!

Kandis will be selling Lottery tickets for 500 gold each daily. The purchase goes into a pot which is given to one lucky member. Are you lucky?

Good luck everyone!
Posted by Digital about 1 week ago

What is Novilar?

Novilar is a Virtual Pet RPG, where players follow their patron Guardian through a portal into a beautiful new virtual world. Choose your profession, go on adventures, and unlock the secrets of your new home alongside unique animal companions.

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