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Custom Avatars!

Now you can be who you really want to be!

Based on what we are finding in the survey, we realized the community needed..

Custom Avatars!

What is a Custom Avatar?

A Custom Avatar replaces the human avatar you create when you start the game. It is very much like a custom pet skin, but for your avatar. The idea behind the avatars is provide a replacement of you in the games lore. This system implied that only humans were coming throught he portal, but we felt that this was too restrictive, or not as creative as it can be. So we provided this system as a way to play as a non-human.

What are the rules?

The rules are that your custom avatar must be either humanoid or anthropomorphic. Which means if you have a fursona or similiar OC you would like as your avatar, you can submit them. We do not allow submissions of plain animals to replace the avatar. You can find all the guidelines on the Custom Avatar page.

Is this a Pay only feature?

No, although you can submit a skin for 3 Crystals, you can also submit one for 120,000 gold, or use an Artisan Paintbrush if you are an Artisan. This system isn't designed to be restrictive. You can also have someone else submit a skin for you if you have a friend.

We hope you enjoy and use this new feature!

This feature is unique across most pet sites, and we hope our player base, and new players, enjoy this feature. We will be reviewing the program as it goes, and be adjusting rules or guidelines as needed. We believe in embracing our communities creativity! 

Achievements, Smiles, oh My!

New features galore!

Achievements are back!

We have revamped our new achievements system completely, allowing for more achievements and even greater reasons to gain them. We have implemented the most important ones, and more will be coming in a few weeks. Note, you will see achievements as they are found on the site, so they may more then you see, it is up to all players to seek them out!

New Facial Features for Avatars

You will now see more facial features, including new Eyes, Brows, and Mouths to choose from. You can change your appearance by going to Wardrobe. We have also heard the community, and will be offering a way to upload a custom avatar for your characters instead of the default human based avatars, stay tuned to hear more!

Thanks for taking the time to do the survey!

If you have already taken it, thank you for your feedback! If you have not, please do so by clicking here. It will help us make Novilar even greater!

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In order to help us decide which areas to focus on for improvement or new features, we need to know what users want - not just from Novilar, but from a petsite. The suggestions forum is great for exploring specific ideas, but we're looking for broader information. What is your general impression of Novilar? What do you like? What don't you like?

Moreover, we want to know what everyone thinks of Novilar. Do you have a friend who enjoys petsites? Ask them to take the survey, too!

All who submit a response will be redirected to a separate survey in which they may enter a raffle for 10 crystals or a custom pet drawn by myself to your specifications. The raffle survey will not compromise your anonymity.