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First round of news

Updates and even a better reason to subscribe!

The team here at Novilar is excited for what apepars to be an amazing 2019! We hope everyone else is also. We had a few announcements to make:

  1. Subscriptions are now cheaper!

    Subscriptions used to be $7 a month, now they are $5 a month. Same great features and benefits (5 crystals a month versus 7 though), just at a much more affortable price. The income from Subscriptions funds development of Novilar. Subscribers receive:
  2. Bank Interest has been reduced!

    We have reduced out bank interest by about 50%. We have been watching the gold for the past several months, and with changes to exploration bringing in more gold, we feel that this reduction will aid in keeping our ecomony stable. Bonuses still stack on the reduced amount and remain.

It is still chilly outside...

Stay warm with new styles!

It is January, and although all the fun holidays are now in the past, the air is still cold and chilly. Well, never fear, Cecil over at the Magnifique Boutique has you covered with an assortment of new apparel choices for this cold wintery season.


He also wants those of you who want to feel more sophisticated to know he also has a new pair of spectacles available as well:

Also, if you are looking to carry winter around with you all year, you will find a new snow flurry for your avatar over in the Festival Stall for the rest of the month as well.

And finally, Claire has some wonderful spectacles available for your pets over at Head to Tails:

So be sure to go get your new apparel while the weather is still cold and chill!

Eagle Guardian Needs YOU!

The Eagle's Nest has returned!

The Eagle's Nest has been spotted! It is full of eggs, so many that the Guardian of January cannot take care of them all? Can you help?

Get your egg today, and get to exploring Novilar for your chance to get an exclusive minipet with a Purification boon!


Also, purification potions are a lot cheaper to craft, now only costing some pure water, and some corrupted (and pure) crystals to create.