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Explorer Outfits

Welcome to Jungle!

Delve into the Jungle - In Style!
For a short time (i.e. this month), the Explorers outfit is available in the Festival Shop! This avatar outfit is designed to not only look good, but make sure you can navigate those vines comfortably. Durability guaranteed, and a major must-have for this Festival of the Snake.

Seeking Community Moderators

Want to contribute to Novilar?
We are seeking Community Moderators to develop our Community Team!
Are you interested in being a part of a team to promote, moderate, and build Novilar's community into something great. Live and die by social media, love to promote or engage other players. Then take a look at our Community Moderator Application thread and apply today!

Patreon Rewards now in Crystal Shop

Get them before they are fully retired!
We have released previous Patreon rewards into the Crystal Shop!
The decision has been made to release all previous Patreon only rewards to the Crystal Shop. This decision is to allow them to be obtained by the current player base. By releasing them as Crystal purchases, they retain their rare factor, while still being able to be obtained by players. We feel this is the in the best interests of the currently active player base, and it allows these wonderful assets to be used. Over time these items will be fully retired, but we wanted to give everyone a little chance to get them before we did so.