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Neko (#2598)
Master Tailor
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April 22nd, 2017 5:07:57 PM
?>in the point of view of my wolf, Skye<

          The sky was clear today. I yawned, baring blunt canines to anyone who was passing by. Not that anyone would disturb a human on this isolated mountainous field. The mountains were quiet with the exception of the odd Corrupt wolf. Peaceful, one could call it.

          Well, it was a good place to take a nap. Since having been brought to the world of Novilar through that portal, I've been shirking all responsibilities and avoiding other people so I didn't have to do anything. There were duties, yes, but no one (asides from a certain someone who I've yet to see again) told me I had to complete them. I was just an ordinary human.

          See, it was expected that if you were a lesser being, you’d obey others. Just look at the relationship between a dog and its master. A dog would listen to its master just because its master is the only authority it knows. Except here I am, playing the role of the truant.

          At least this area was quiet and calm. The sun was warm, making it the perfect day to be lazing around, not purifying Corruption.  I had no interest in the war nor obtaining ‘pets’. To be frank, I could not understand the desire for owning pets. To me, they were little more than servants that needed feeding and would listen to your every whim. An utterly useless nuisance.

          There really was nothing to do. Asides from the impact of the Corruption – and that, I was already bored with – there were no interesting things that I could observe. I only wanted to play the role of an observer, not one of a human posing a hero.

          So I did what I loved to do most and went back to sleep.

?*             *             *

          The next time I opened my eyes, there was something furry staring down at my face. After a bit of bleary thinking, I closed them again. This must be a dream. The familiar grey pelt and those emerald round eyes...

          Nah, a dream. Must be. No way would she come down this far to meet a lowly human.

          I know you’re awake, a voice rumbled forth. Something nipped me on the cheek. There was no sound when [it] moved away, just the feeling of the warmth [it] brought slowly disappearing. It was something I’d rather not have experienced.

          With no other choice, I sat up, rubbing my eyes, before lowering my head in a bow. Indeed – before me was exactly who I had thought it would be. The Wolf stood in her usual elegance and cold beauty, lustrous grey fur dappled with snow from the mountains. Her head was raised high, large paws planted firmly on the ground yet ready to run at a moment’s notice. As always, I had the urge to keep my head down, even if I willed against it.

          (And if I were honest, I’m still surprised an animal summons humans. In my old world, you’d expect it to be the other way around.)

          “Child, did you already forget? I am the Guardian of the Mountains,” the Wolf chided. Her tone was light, but the atmosphere grew heavier. Before that, could she read minds?

          ...Best not to think too hard on it. (But seriously, what did she come to do?)

          The Wolf sat down,lifting her lips in a smile. For humans, smiling was a common facial expression used to show happiness (or fake it). In a wolf, the gleaming ivory fangs meant to tear prey to pieces only instilled fear.

          I waited for her to start talking again, but she only stared at me with those green eyes. It took a lot more effort than I thought necessary not to stare back.

          Unable to stand the silence, I finally spoke. “Why – no, what brings you here, Miss Wolf?”

          The Wolf only let out a soft chuffing noise that sounded suspiciously like a laugh. It was already a pain to speak politely; I didn't want to be laughed at like this. It was ironic, though, how I complain about authority yet submit myself to it.

          Regardless, she replied. “You already know. Why are you not contributing to the war against the Corruption? It’s not going to disappear on its own – we Guardians need as much help as we can get. If we cannot control the Corruption, there would be no Novilar to return to.”

          Was she trying to guilt me? I lifted my head. “No.”

          Her head tilted. “Why not? It is an honour to be chosen.”

          “I stayed because it sounded interesting,” I said as blunt as I could. “I've no interest in cleaning up after this mess. Nor do I have interest in pets or the like.” Lost the submit-to-authority part of my speech to pride.

          “Is that so.” Wolf got up again, walking over.

          Whoops, might have gone a tad too far.

          The unblinking green eyes stared me down. “Very well. If you would not be of help as you are now, I have no choice but to make you help. I was hoping for a possibility of co-operation, but so long as you have no intention of giving way...”

          A portal appeared behind me. It wasn't the strange vortex that brought me here, but a different, blue one. Unlike the sky blue that was my hair (perfectly natural, might I add), it was almost navy, the way through impossible to see.

          Standing before me, the cold leather nose forced me in, stumbling as I went.

          Was it my imagination, or were those green eyes gleaming?

?*             *             *

          When I woke up again, I saw another human girl before me. A bit farther, everything grew blurry, as though my eyes weren't focusing well. Odd, I don’t recall returning back to my world – or was this still Novilar? The scent of the girl was strong, a scent of wildflowers and mint. Sniffing a bit more, I realized that the crisp smell of autumn leaves were also filling the air. Ohh no. She didn't...

          I tried to talk to the smiling girl, but what came out was a soft whine. She let me get up, but instead of on two legs like I expected, there were four clumsy paws I had to get used to. Chirping birds, the rustling of wind against leaves, and the faraway noises of murmurs that I couldn't hear before rang as clear as the alarm bells going off in my head.

          ...So she did do it. I licked sharp canines – no, sharp teeth now –in my mouth.

          The girl before me was not at fault, though. It was just the one I wanted to turn me back. I still had to...

          I still had to--!

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Neko (#2598)
Master Tailor
Rice is good.
April 23rd, 2017 12:11:45 PM
okaayy so for some reason there are random ?s behind all the asterisks. I take it that's a formatting error as it appears every time the text is centred. sorry about that!

(if there are ?s before a paragraph, that's because before I changed all the indents to spaces, they used to be tabbed. just ignore them, please! formatting is weird with a forum post.)

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Melissa (#2709)
Apprentice Mage
*Grows large wolf pack*
May 3rd, 2017 3:50:44 PM
i love it! congrats on winning the contest. if you didnt already know, its in the news.

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