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Neko (#2598)
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April 27th, 2017 7:52:51 PM
Trigger Warning: Mention of hunting. Mention of animals dying (prey). Nothing gory though.

Main Characters in the story:
Pet (#22550)Crevan
Pet (#22597)Squirrel

?A Day in the Life of Crevan

Crevan opened his eyes, tiredly raising his head. His mate, Squirrel, was nowhere in sight. The dark cave they shared was empty, save the meagre feathers lining the floor. Probably hunting, at such an early hour. The sun was barely up, but he could hear the soft rustling of disturbed leaves from afar. An owl hooted. 
He closed his eyes again, tucking his paws in. All was at peace. 
?*     *     *

The next time he opened his eyes, a warm, fluffy body was curled against his. Squirrel was beside him, lightly sleeping. She smelled like mouse. 
His stomach rumbling, Crevan walked out of their cave, sniffing the air. Maybe he should go for a mouse - but birds were better, and brought more feathers for the cave. He hated carrying feathers, the prickly things, but Squirrel was with kit and was more moody than ever. Squirrel may be smaller than him, but her paws - equipped with long curled claws - were faster, and that was what mattered. Not that he'd try to go against her. 
The sun was slowly rising. At least it was bright enough to see where his paws were going. Why Squirrel loved night hunting was beyond him. He knew the territory by heart, aware of the deer that also liked to wander casually into his territory. As a reminder, he sprayed a few trees. Only one, Deer, he did not mind. The others may always accidentally trample a tail or two, and those hard hooves could break a cat's spine with ease. Squirrel never seemed to care - she always trotted with her tail held high, seamlessly blending into the fall leaves of the forest. He would rather not complain. 
His ears pricked up. Something tapped the ground a few trees away in a rhythmic pattern. That could only mean one thing. 
He dropped into a crouch, tail twitching. 
Drawing closer and closer to the source, he shifted his back legs, ready to dash. Alerted to the noise, a head withdrew from the dirt, and- 
Crevan sat up, robin in mouth. He shook it a few more times to be safe, but it only hung limply. 
The meal was eaten quickly, leaving feathers everywhere. He gathered a mouthful wryly, cringing at the thought of Squirrel hissing at him if he didn't catch something for her, too. That cat could hold a grudge. If only she was like his human, who liked his prey about as much as he did gathering feathers. At least the human didn't lock him up in a concrete territory. So, he had his fun in seeing his human's reactions. She had finally stopped the screaming - although if he positioned it right at the foot of her bed… 
Too bad, really. 
He scraped some dirt over the feathers to keep them from flying away. The scent of iron kept other prey away, so it would be best to explore deeper. 
He glanced at the sky. The sun still wasn't at its peak, when he had to return to his ever-hungry mate, so he still had time to catch something. Idly, he wondered if she'd appreciate a squirrel, when all such thoughts dashed his mind at the sight of something brown and furry escaping quickly. It must have only just sniffed out the iron, realizing too late that there may be dangers in the area. 
Crevan made the leap. On any other day, he may not have - it was only too easy to misjudge the distance and crash into a tree - but this time, it was already running upon sensing him.
Two bounds, and he was gripping fresh rabbit in his mouth. It struggled a bit, so he bit down harder, rolling to his side so he could give it a few good kicks before it could do the same. 
When it grew still, he went back to pick up the feathers. They were waving in the breeze, not completely buried. He scooped them up, going back to the rabbit. There was a dilemma waiting for him. He realized only too late. Spitting out the feathers, he stared at them, then at the rabbit. He picked up the rabbit by the scruff, then tried to collect the feathers. The rabbit fell to the ground with a thump, and the feathers flew everywhere. 
If a he could cuss, Crevan would have certainly done so then, with no opposable thumbs to collect both. But Crevan did not, only staring in confusion. Was it possible to pick up both feathers and rabbit, or would he have to run the risk of losing one? 
To spare the readers some time, the sun was already burning his red fur as he managed to grip a loose amount of feathers - some scattered with his carelessness - while clutching on to the rabbit. Its hind legs dragged on the ground as he trotted on. It was too hot to be in the sun, even under the shade of the many trees. Hopefully Squirrel wouldn't be too furious at his tardiness. 

?*     *     *
Contrarily, Squirrel purred at the scent of rabbit, roused from sleep. She quickly ran a paw across her face a few times, shook out the last of the feathers stuck to her pelt, and crouched down to tear into it. Crevan kneaded the feathers into their nest, also purring. It was much cooler under the shade and surrounded by dirt. When he was done, he also joined Squirrel at the rabbit. One robin would not fill his stomach.  
Sparing the details, they left the remnants where they were, scraping dirt to hide them from other wandering cats. Not all cats had their own territories - some liked to explore. Crevan finished first, licking the last bits from his mouth, before beginning to groom. His fur was a mess after hunting, and it always meant that he'd be scorched if the sun hit the exposed skin. 
Squirrel joined him shortly after, yawning and curling against him. He let out a small huff at her familiar soothing rumble, beginning to groom her. She let him, closing her eyes again. 
Being with kit had made her more drained. And hunting had made him sleepy. 
Eventually, he, too, licked his nose as he finished grooming her and lay his head on top of her soft pelt. The deep purr soon faded to synchronized breathing. 
*     *     *
He woke up once, startled by the sound of bleating and crashing. Might just be a Corrupted deer. Squirrel didn't even lift her head, ignoring it. With a sigh, Crevan lowered his head back on top of her soft fur, giving it a sleepy lick. 
*     *     *
The sun was partway down the sky when he woke again. Squirrel was arching her back in a stretch. He gingerly uncurled himself, before doing the same, yawning all the while. Leaning a bit too close to her personal space got him a good two whacks on the nose before she turned away in a huff. She wasn't actually angry, just throwing a fit. 
They padded out of the den together, pelts lightly brushing. There wasn't much intention to hunt. It was just a simple trip of patrolling their territory together, though neither of the two would say no to food that crossed their path - and they knew exactly where that would be. It was a just little detour added to their routine since they got a human. Other cats had to know that this was not their space, though. At least there were no "big cats" in the Forest; neither Squirrel nor Crevan were stupid enough to attempt to take one on. Those cats could take down deer, animals even Crevan, the larger of the pair, would avoid if he could. 
As they walked the familiar old trail, Squirrel stopped, her nose wrinkling. Crevan, unable to detect anything, sniffed the air. 
It hit him instantly. The foul stench of Corruption. 
Before the pair could escape, a Corrupted Deer bounded into view, the stench of old, rotting meat clear as day. A cat cannot simply outrun a deer - and this one had spotted them, blind in its Corruption. It leapt forward. 
Crevan yowled in surprise as Squirrel bowled into him, shoving him out of the way of the Deer as she began running along the trail, away from their nest. Crevan followed more clumsily, racing after her. 
The Deer cantered after them. 
Just as the Deer was about to overtake them, Crevan launched himself, yowling in anger this time, onto the Deer's head, raking his claws against the skull as he tried not to take a breath. Rather than reeling in shock as he'd expected, all the Deer did was flick its head, and unable to keep his grip, Crevan was flung right into something soft and not exactly tree-like. 
His human was here, sprawled on the floor in shock as she tried to remove claws gripping her head tightly. Squirrel was hissing at the Deer a ways away, bold only from afar. It took a round of petting before Crevan settled down in her arms, joining Squirrel in hissing at the Corrupted Deer. 
As though the presence of a human was too much, the Corrupted Deer fled, the rotting fleshy stink following it away. Crevan blinked slowly at his human, trying to express his gratefulness. Once she was sure it was safe, Squirrel came out tentatively from behind the tree, her pelt brushing against the human's legs. Crevan dropped to the ground, joining in with a meow. Danger forgotten, the pair only had one thing in mind. 
The human made some noises with her mouth, before lowering a large red flat surface of mushy goodness and giving each one of them a rub on the head. Crevan nudged her hand for more pets, then tucked in hungrily. 
The hard surface was cleaned in moments. Squirrel licked it smooth, then sniffed for more. Crevan also know there would be no extras, but throwing in an extra few meows would do no one harm. 
The human stroked them both for a while longer,  Squirrel on her lap and Crevan beside. There was no rush to go home. The sun wasn't gone yet. Crevan groomed away the mess his pelt had become, putting extra focus on his paws that had touched the Corruption. Even after many licks he still wasn't satisfied, convinced he'd be tainted forever. The temptation to wash his paws in a creek was strong. 
The sun began to lower below the trees. Time to go home. Squirrel stretched and shook her fur loose, leaping off the human's lap gracefully. Crevan followed suit, glancing at her from the corner of his eye. She motioned with her tail for him to follow her.

The human let them go, calling out one sound they were used to hearing - "Night!" - though neither knew what it meant. It was just a sound that the human made whenever the two cats left. Crevan noted a silver-blue shape hanging further back, yellow eyes watching warily. At least the human had some protection in the forest and she wasn't alone. The human was theirs to care for, after all, whenever she visited the forest. She did like to come by - particularly since the invasion of the buns (Crevan liked the buns, too, but for a wholly different feline-oriented reason).

The two of them began the trot back home. They could have gone slower, but Squirrel wanted to go fast, so Crevan allowed her to set the pace. Her fur kept brushing against his, and her tail quietly intertwined with his.

They both entered the den tiredly. The day had sped by much faster than either had expected, but already it was behind them, old history of sorts. Crevan kneaded against their nest of feathers, purring, while Squirrel instantly curled against him, yawning while a sleepy rumble also came out, synchronizing with his. Sniffing his mate, Crevan settled in, rhythmically grooming her. She responded in kind, pressing against him. Crevan blinked in surprise as her belly suddenly moved. This wasn't their first kit, but it never failed to surprise him that they would soon have a new furry addition. He personally hoped that this kit would take after Squirrel. He snuffled it anyway, before Squirrel gave him a tired huff.

There was nothing wrong. All was at peace. He closed his eyes, resting beside his mate that he had no intention of ever leaving.

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Neko (#2598)
Master Tailor
Rice is good.
April 27th, 2017 8:14:01 PM
Again, ignore the ?s, they appear every time I try to format it to centre. Sorry =_=;


(this is not part of the contest, I just wanted to explain my thoughts)

I came up with this story with a more lighthearted, protective feel to it, ever since the last disaster. Crevan does try, but Squirrel has her independent streak and likes to bully the poor boy. She is really with kit right now - who knows who this kit would take after, both appearance and mentality? Only time will tell...

They're both based off of many real-life cats I've met, Squirrel being based off of none other than my Saffron (they do have their differences though, for one Saffron hates mice and prefers chicken). There's a few cat-lingo parts in here only cat lovers would understand... I love cats too much, my apologies. There's also a Warriors feel to it, though neither speak. Can they communicate with words as the warrior cats can? We'll find out as Novi lore updates. It is safe to assume that cats and humans cannot fully understand each other through spoken word (although cat lovers may disagree), hence why Crevan may not speak (or is it meow?) the exact words we may use to talk to another human.

...This story is very long, isn't it? I wanted to make it shorter... but somehow it still turned out quite long. It seems very short stories aren't my specialty. It can be claimed as Crevan's fault for dawdling.

I hope you enjoyed their fluffy story. Any critique (preferably by PM) is always welcome, even on that disaster I stated earlier. See you another time!

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