Skin of the Month Contest (June 2017)

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runeowl (#2)
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April 30th, 2017 9:37:05 PM
Skin of the Month Contest
Festival of the Lion 2017

Novilar is now hosting a new Skin of the Month contest! Each month, artists can create normal or deluxe skin(s) on the given pet base for a chance to win 6 crystals and a unique artist icon. The winner, selected from the submissions by staff, will also receive two copies of their skin (free of any upload fee)! The winning skin will be sold for gold coins or made into a universal craftable recipe until the end of the month, after which it will be removed from shops / crafting and permanently retired. 

This round's pet species: Lions

The Winner will receive: 
  • 6 Crystals 
  • Two free copies of the winning skin
  • A Contest-Exclusive Artist Icon (pictured below)

Skins for this round can be submitted until May 31st at approximately midnight server time. You may submit your entry by commenting on this thread. Please provide a clean, transparent 600 x 525 .png image of your skin entry, and if you would like, one with a pet modeling your skin (especially if the skin is only an accent piece). 


Each month's skin contest is run the month before it is released, so players will have all of April to work on their skins. You may submit any basic or deluxe skin on any Species Base (which can be downloaded from this page). Any skins you submit must have been made by you, follow all site rules, and be free of any copyrighted materials. You can have made the skin at any time, but your contest entry is not allowed to have been accepted onsite previously (or sold in your Skins Shop). The contest entries must be original in that they do not already exist as a skin on-site.     

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EPICdragon99 (#1655)
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May 6th, 2017 4:46:28 PM
it's not v good but

I tried :,)
(The gloves are supposed to be chainmail)

MasterDaye (#2813)
Practitioner Artisan
May 11th, 2017 2:34:51 PM

Hello there! I wouldn't mind having a shot at this contest. ^^ (by the way, is there a rule in these events that talk about whether an artist can participate in consecutive contests or not? I kinda want to take part in most of 'em, but that may be mean to others.... idk >m>)

My submission is called Celestial Haetae, and it'll be one of those Deluxe Skins (if my lineart is not following the rules, I will definitely find a way to change it--sorry)


runeowl (#2)
Scholar Scribe • Co-Founder
I, for one, like Roman Numerals.
May 11th, 2017 2:47:37 PM
@MasterDaye Hi there! You're totally fine to enter any / all of the contests - we actually have special prizes planned for people who win Skin of the Month multiple times, in order to encourage more participation from our small community :) Your skin is lovely! Good luck!

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