Older Flight Rising players?

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Antimoany (#3821)
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I still play Flight Rising under the same name. I'm not quite an old player - I didn't join until 2015 - but I guess sometime soon I'll be counted under the "old" umbrella as the site ages.

I'm a volunteer moderator and would be happy to help you out with anything you need.
Custom pets and skins

6 months ago on September 24, 2018 07:16

DustAfterRain (#5674)
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@Shrine(#3431)  I joined Flight Rising in 2014 , same name on there DustAfterRain, but i was on hiatus for like 3 years and just recently started playing again. Still count as an oldie?

6 days ago on April 12, 2019 07:58

Grunt (#5643)
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I thought you meant our age...


So my account isn't quite as old as you'd like, but:


User ID: 274773
Date Joined: 2016-10-13

Grunt is a MasterGator

6 days ago on April 12, 2019 12:24

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