Avatar Showcase Contest - May 2018

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Digital (#3053)
Master Tailor
Look at all the bad sharks around here!
April 28th, 2018 5:43:05 AM
Avatar Fashion Showcase Contest
Festival of the Ocean 2018
The Contest
We want to see your avatar dressed up for the occasion. Novilar is now hosting a monthly Avatar Fashion Showcase. Come show off your avatar, themed to the months best attire! This months contest is all about The Ocean! Winners will recieve:

  • Crystals (12x to 1st, 6x to 2nd, and 3x to 3rd place)
  • 2x Otter Totems
  • An Award for their Profile
To Compete: Simply post a comment saying you are in. Your attire will have to be ocean themed for the month, and winners will be chosen on May 31st, 2018. We do not expect you to be fully attired immediately, just that your attire is completed for our choosing on or before the end of the month.

Lets see what lovely avatars our wonderful community can create!

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Neko (#2598)
Master Tailor
Rice is good.
April 29th, 2018 6:21:23 AM
I'm in! Sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing everyone's attire!

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PepperMint (#1911)
Master Adventurer
dappervolk is here so i'll be online a lot less, but i'll try to reply to messages asap <3
May 1st, 2018 7:03:32 PM
I'll definitely jump in~! It may take a while to acquire those fishy items, but it'll be my goal! :D

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Jellifysh (#2290)
Apprentice Tailor
Octopus Plushie is so cute!
May 11th, 2018 10:11:19 PM
this has been my avatar literally for a year, so here you go.

why is the plural of smurf smurfs and not smurves

Petraea (#2308)
Master Tailor • Retired Moderator
May 15th, 2018 1:55:06 AM
Lovin' all these blue'n'fishy avatars! Keep 'em up, everyone! Remember, you just need to be dressed up by May 31st, 2018! So you can keep any other clothes on until then. But do remember to sign up in this thread, even if you aren't dressed up yet, by posting a comment! Otherwise you won't be judged!

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