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September 2nd, 2016 7:53:14 PM

Novilar Newbie Tutorial

A Guide for New Players: How to Get Started

Getting Started

The Intro and Tutorials

You’ll be presented with a lot of choices when you first login to Novilar! The first several will be covered in the introductory tutorial, and will include choosing your Human Avatar, a Guardian, and a Profession. You will also be given the opportunity to create your first pet using a Totem that is given to you after you choose your guardian. Choosing a Guardian is the only permanent account-bound choice you will make in the early game - the other two choices will be changeable later on, so don’t stress them too much. Many have asked: what does my Guardian even do? How do I choose one? Quite frankly, it doesn't affect you too much, and is more an element of your individual Novilar Lore than day-to-day gameplay. You will have the ability to interact with the other Guardians later in the game, so choosing one Guardian does not exclude you from any of the others. You can view the list of professions and which Guardians are their patrons here

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September 2nd, 2016 7:57:20 PM

I Want More Pets!
How to collect and breed your dream pets

One of the most popular gameplay elements of Novilar is collecting and customizing pets. There are four main ways players can get new pets to collect:

- Breeding your pets
- Purifying wild pets
- Buying pets from other players
- Creating a new pet using a Totem


There are two different types of Totems that can be used to create a new pet: Basic Totems (with a blue item background), and Mythic Totems (item background with a sunburst). Both will allow you to create one brand new pet of that totem's species. The Mythic Totem is more valuable because it gives the player Uncommon and Rare marking options, where the Basic Totem only allows for Common marking options.

Basic Totems can be gained from completing Guardian Quests and sometimes by making Life of Death Feather offerings at a Guardian's Altar. Mythic Totems can be purchased in the Festival Stall on the month celebrating that species' Guardian. Mythic Eagle Totems, for example, will be stocking in January (the Month of the Eagle) only.

There is an additional specialty Totem that can be purchased from the Crystal Exchange year-round: the Life Totem. The Life Totem allows you to create a new pet of any species using any markings - including uncommon and rare markings. It works much the same as a Mythic Totem, but serves as a universal in terms of pet species.


If you would rather capture a “premade” wild pet, then purification is for you! Simply explore in a region to encounter a wild Corrupted Pet. Each pet species will have a corrupted pet version which will appear in their Guardian’s region … so for example, Corrupt Horses will be found in the Grasslands, and Corrupt Eagles in the Skies. Check this page for a quick recap of which Guardians correlate with each region! Pick the region that contains the species you want, and explore until you encounter that region’s corrupt pet, and select “purify”. Make sure you have purchased or crafted enough potions at this point because - much like pokeballs - you can’t run back to the shops for more during an encounter! Raise the purification meter as high as you can with potions until your five turns are up, and select “purify” - with any luck you’ll now have a brand new pet!

The Purification Scope item is a wonderful item which allows players to actually see the pet they will be getting if they purify it! Pick one up in the Crystal Exchange shop and craft (or buy) Pure Crystals in order to use it. It consumes one Pure Crystal per use during an encounter, and shows you the pet you will receive if it’s purified (colors, markings, etc).

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September 2nd, 2016 7:58:06 PM
The Get Rich Quick Guide
Or: How to Make Gold Coins through daily play

There’s no way to become an instant millionaire, of course, but these tips will certainly help pad out your back account! There are two types of Currency in Novilar - Gold Coins (earnable in-game) and Crystals (premium currency, purchased via USD).

  • Breed / Sell your pets. The rarer the markings, the better they will most likely sell within the community! You can also Stud your pets out to other players - set their Stud Fee by clicking a pet’s “edit pet” button from your territory.
  • Complete Guardian Quests. Go to Adventure -> (select a region) -> Visit the Altar -> Summon the Guardian in order to access the Quests. Each guardian will give you a new item retrieval quest at their altar every 24 hours! Complete as many as you can for rewards, which may include gold coins, minipets, or totems.
  • Explore as often as possible. Each player starts with 100 steps a day, which refresh at the rate of one step every five minutes (and even faster for Premium members). Explore events including discovering gold coins, items, and minipets. 
  • Craft using Alchemy. Crafting is how you level up in your profession, giving you access to better and rarer recipes! You can also sell profession-specific items to other players for gold or crystals. 
  • Make (and sell) Skins. If you're artistic, this is a great way to have some fun and earn crystals. Each user has a Skin Shop, accessible from their User Page! 

Customizing Your… Everything
Who wears what, and how to collect it all

There are several NPC shops that sell Pet and Human avatar wearables, as well as resources to make (or commission) custom pet skins! Visit Head to Tail for pet apparel, Magnifique Boutique for human avatar apparel, and Skins and Bones for site-made skins. These items will also often appear in the Festival Stall, which cycles seasonal apparel that appears to “retire” only until next season, or gets placed into crafting.

Are you artistic? Create your own pet skins with a Paintbrush (a paintbrush to upload your skin costs 2 crystals, and reprints of a submitted skin only cost 1 crystal). There is a simple upload process right here - note that you’ll also need to submit your skin’s “item art” as well, which is explained on the submission page itself. One feature of Novilar’s skins is that you don’t have to follow the lineart of the pet on a basic skin, which makes creating fan-made apparel relatively simple on many species.

Players can also customize their forum/chat icon, profile info, individual pet profiles, and forum vista. These can be accessed under either “forum settings” or Character -> Profile.

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September 2nd, 2016 7:58:32 PM
Alchemy = Crafting
How NOT to make Arcane Goo

Kael the NPC will be waiting to welcome you to your Alchemy Lab. This is where you'll be able to craft a variety of useful items using a variety of fairly complex equipment. Crafting in Novilar is more involved than many other petsites, so this section will be a little longer than normal.

In order to access the lab, you'll need to choose your profession if you have not already done so. Picked one? Good! You don't need to be an Alchemist specifically in order to use your Lab, it's open to all professions equally, and all professions have exclusive Recipes they are able to use to create valuable items to trade to other players.

Upon entering the lab for the first time, you'll be greeted by Kael, who has a short Tutorial for you to get you started in the world of Alchemy. He'll give you Gold Ore and ask you to create first Gold Dust, then a Gold Ingot for him to prove your competency in the lab. Once you've satisfied him enough to prove you're not about to blow yourself up, you can begin to explore!

Your Lab: Illustration

As you unlock more of the Tools that are present in your lab, you'll see them appear in full color in your lab image. The ones that aren't currently usable, either because they are too high of a level or you haven't paid to unlock them yet, appear as a greyed-out silhouette. Work to become a Master in your field, and you'll have the entire Lab Illustration to admire!

Quick Crafting: Most Recent

Quick Crafting Displays the last few recipes you've crafted. If you have all the necessary ingredients and the appropriate tool is off cooldown, you can simply click-to-craft!

How To Craft: The Basics

In order to craft something, you need three basic things:
1. The Ingredients 
2. The Skill Level / Recipe / Profession (if applicable) that is required for the recipe
3. The Equipment (and for the equipment to be off cooldown)

Your Recipe Book is a useful guide in showing you what ingredients and equipment are needed for any known recipes you would like to create! QuickCraft known recipes, and easily see what's needed for your next crafting project. If sucessful, you'll immediately receive your crafted item, and the tool you used will go on cooldown.

Getting the Goo: What did I do wrong? 

Did something go awry and you ended up with Arcane Goo instead of whatever wonderful item you were hoping for…? It's happened to everyone at some point. Simply double-check that you have the correct skills (including the right level and profession, if necessary) and have entered in all of the ingredients correctly. 

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How to Navigate the Forums and Chat

The Forums on Novilar are pretty straightforward! Select a catagory you feel is appropriate for your topic (or browse for active threads) and participate in the community. There aren’t many mods hired on yet, but the two owners themselves are very diligent in monitoring for any issues. Players are expected to be kind and courteous, and rule-breaking or inappropriate behavior is met with swift action on the part of Staff, so take care to read the TOS before doing anything that you’ll regret.

Chat is equally simple! I find myself appreciating the “toggle scroll” button in case I want to step away for a bit without losing my place on the chat thread. If you have volume on, little sound effects bleep at you when you receive a message or when players enter / leave the chat. This too can be turned off. There are currently two public boards - Sales and General chat. There is a character limit (like a Tweet) so take care to look up when typing so you don’t accidentally make half-posts by accident~

Level Up!
How to get achievements and level your character/pets

There are three different ways to level your pets and character in Novilar.

Player Level: Your Player Level is completely separate from your Profession Level. All players start at level 1, and max out at level 50. Experience for player levels can be gained through purifying corrupt pets and completing quests for Guardians or NPCs.

Profession Level: This represents your skill / crafting level within a particular Profession. All players begin a new profession at the Apprentice level, and can craft in their Alchemy Lab to gain experience in order to raise their Profession level. The Profession levels are, from lowest to highest:


(If you change professions, your Profession Level will reset and you will begin again at the Apprentice level.)

Pet Level: Each individual pet has their own level, which can be raised by battling. (which has been announced as a feature that will get introduced at some point in the future)

They look cute and can even buff your gameplay!

A Minipet is a companion specifically for your pet! They travel with the pet they have been "attached" to wherever they go, and never have to be fed or cared for. You cannot breed or interact with them, but they do have hidden special abilities that may come into play while you are exploring in Novilar. These abilities are only active if a minipet with this ability is attached to your active pet. View the list of Minipet Abilities here.

Minipets can primarily be found through Exploring (and, of course, purchasing them from other players). Each of the ten Explore Regions is stocked with four introductory minipets and one “region exclusive” minipet - which means it can only be found while exploring if you chose that region’s Guardian at the beginning of the game. But no worries! If you want a different minipet than your region’s, simply purchase one from another player or complete quests for that Guardian - one of the quest reward options is their region-specific minipet.

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What Is This Feather
And What Do I Do With It

Found a mysterious purple feather in your inventory? Wondering what it does? … keep wondering, nobody seems to know. A huge mystery! Perhaps a future event item? You’d better hold onto it just in case.

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December 22nd, 2016 4:44:03 PM
A List of Quick Tricks: 

Only your active pet gets hungry, so picking a pet that is not your "adventuring" pet to stay as your active while you're not exploring or away from Novilar is a great way to reserve resources! 

Is a pet not showing up in the Breeding Grounds? Check its hunger - pets below 50% hunger are too hungry to breed!

Want to level up faster in your Profession? Adventure in the Jungle for Gold Ore, or buy ores from the Bubbling Brews shops, and use them to make dust and ingots! Another simple one to make is the Pure Crystal recipe. 

Guardian Quests roll over at midnight server time, so make sure to collect them all and finish whichever ones you would like each day to make the most of the rewards. Guardian quests can give you life and death feathers, totems, minipets, and more, so completing as many as you can is a good way to progress in the game. 


Still have questions, or need help with something?
Feel free to ask Chat? for a quick response, or PM runeowl (#2) with your questions. 

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