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foxlover092 (#4964)
Apprentice Keeper
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hi i'm new i just wanted to chat on forums i have a cat in real life named binx i love to draw and make videos.

3 weeks ago on July 24, 2018 13:32

Saileene (#4171)
Apprentice Adventurer
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Nice! Welcome to Novilar :) What kind of videos do you make?

I'm Sail, pretty new myself ( though I joined ages ago, I sort of forgot about Novilar >>; ) I like to write and draw, mostly OCs and characters for DnD!

1 week ago on August 06, 2018 18:57

Digital (#3053)
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Welcome to Novilar, @foxlover092, and a belated welcome to you, @Saileene!

I hope both of you are enjoying the game so far!

1 week ago on August 06, 2018 19:16

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