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GrayEmbers (#1415)
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I'm 100% down for anyone else jumping into the thread with their own ideas.

I've been getting more into breeding lately, so I wanted to jot down a few (presumably) simple quality of life changes I'd love to see down the road. And some are already most of the way there compared to what existed a few months ago.

Breeding request history: Would love to have a log of past inbound/outbound breeding requests that were accepted, and potentially even breedings within your own territory. I like looking at the children of my pets when someone else breeds with them, but I definitely don't remember six days later to go looking.

Sales history: I always get curious about which pet someone bought when I get the notification (and I'm sure that'd doubly so for people who leave their pets Unnamed or use an ID number), but you can't jump to the pet from the notification alone. I see that there's actually a log in the Latest Activity user profile log, which is exactly what I'd love to see, but somewhere dedicated to it / longer lasting.

Sales/breeding ad time limit: I'm glad there's a week-long limit for breeding ads since it keeps the classifieds uncluttered from inactive users' ads (although that logic doesn't hold for the sales as much), but it's irritating to log on to a wave of expirations - a cycle I continue by setting them all up again at once. It would be great to have a button to extend your ad a week, or at least an "x days left" info blurb on your pet's page so it doesn't come out of the blue. (It might even be nice for others to be able to see the time left as well, in case they're thinking of buying a pet only to find it expired and the owner inactive a day later.) Related thread: X

Breeding/Sale price columns in all Classifieds searches: While I appreciate that the classifieds list is trying to hide irrelevant information, there've been times when I'm not sure if I want to buy a pet and seeing right next to the sale price that I can breed with it instead would be awesome.

Context when hovering over icons in territory: The three icons - pregnant, open for breeding, and for sale - it would be nice if they'd provide extra info when hovered over rather than needing to visit the pets' pages. Specifically, how long left until the baby is due or the relevant price.

Release pet from pet's page: Get wild pet -> check if its markings are cool -> need to go back to territory overview to release pet.

Likely number of offspring: I'm only just starting to mess with fertility on my pets, and it would be really nice if the Breeding Grounds would give me a likely number of offspring based on the fertilities of the parents. Either a range or the most likely number only would both be appreciated. It could also be fun to have the Reload Predictions button load you a number of offspring based on how many offspring the pair is likely to have! If they might have 2-3 babies, then sometimes it would load 2 and sometimes it would load 3 new predictions. I can see that getting annoying for the vast majority of pairs which will be 1 baby, though.

Feedback for items in breeding grounds predictions: I'm not sure if the Reload Predictions generator takes into account whether you've selected Estrogen/Testosterone Extracts for the breeding? If it doesn't, it would be really nice if it does. And then some kind of feedback about which items are affecting the predictions would be appreciated. I'm thinking along the lines of "Predictions affected by: Testosterone Extract" underneath the predictions. For the Interspecies Potion, a noticeable line like "! Breeding requires Interspecies Potion !" would also be great - I know as a new user, I was a bit confused about why I could hit Confirm Breeding without selecting an interspecies potion. (And honestly, to take that a bit further, there's no point in the user selecting the potion themselves from the Items list - you either need to use one or you don't. Having it in an auto-selected category in the Items window with relevant feedback about it being needed would be nice.)

More breeding-influencing items: I'd love to see more items down the road that affect breeding outcomes, and it would be a good opportunity to make more Crystal-costing items imo. Stuff like "more likely to inherit rarer markings", "more likely to inherit a large number of markings", "more likely to inherit similarly colored markings/markings similar to the base color", "more likely to be the father's/mother's species", "fertility +50 for this breeding only", etc. And maybe randomization potions, like "offspring might/will inherit a random marking" - the latter being crystal priced and the former cheaper but with a 15% chance or so.

7 months ago on August 05, 2018 09:33

Antimoany (#3821)
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I fully agree with all of this, especially the offspring predictor reflecting selected items, and classified semi-permanence (obviously).

Honestly I think simply displaying the outright chance "this pair has a 35% chance of twins, and a 7% chance of triplets" is the best choice for displaying fertility, as anything else would be confusing or frustrating.

I'm a volunteer moderator and would be happy to help you out with anything you need.
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7 months ago on August 05, 2018 12:27

Digital (#3053)
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@GrayEmbers, these are all wonderfully awesome ideas! I have taken note of this for future development!

7 months ago on August 05, 2018 13:46

GrayEmbers (#1415)
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I'm glad to hear that! And that sweet release button on the pet page really streamlines the aesthetically questionable release process haha.

7 months ago on August 05, 2018 21:10

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