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August 9th, 2018 3:24:46 PM
EDIT: This thread is out of date. If we begin accepting applications for volunteers, there will be a new thread posted. Thanks for your interest!

We are on the lookout to build a wonderful community moderation team. Part rule enforcement, part social media leaders, part help and supper, all about making Novilar's community rock. This role is a serious role, so please apply only if you know you can participate, please see requirements to determine this before applying.

Applications are only accepted via email, is where to email them too.

Requirements of a Community Moderator
  • Must be well written, and able to communicate in appropriate English.
  • Must check into the site on an almost daily basis (not everyday, but at least every other.)
  • Must be able to use Discord and participate in moderator and staff discussions.
  • Must be able to complete any assigned tasks in a reasonable time table. These tasks include writing a help article, or posting a contest thread, etc.
What is this role in global terms? This role is a moderator position, you will be here to guide discussions, encourage new discussions, and generally keep the peace and promote a vibrant community of players. You will participate in communicating changes or even bringing suggestions to myself for implementation. You are my team and are to help me produce the best possible content and changes for the site. A lot of the position will be self-directed and self-initiated. I am looking for individuals that can think outside of the box, and communicate their thoughts and ideas, as well as be the voice of the community.

Is this role paid?
This role is not paid in real life currency, it is paid in Crystals however. The amount is determined by time and availability and also effort. This is a job, not a taxing one, but in order to be successful, only driven applicants should apply.

When applying, please include the following questions in your application:
  • Your age.
  • Your timezone.
  • You availability in general.
  • What got you into Novilar?
  • What do you like the best about Novilar?
  • What can you not stand about Novilar?
  • How do you think you could provide value to the community?
  • What are some of your personal goals?
  • If you couldĀ  have any item in Novilar, what would it be and why?
  • Why do you think you would make a good community moderator?
  • What is your Discord user? Are you in the Novilar Discord?
The application process The application process starts with the above Questionnaire. If you are a candidate, you will be asked to meet with me in Discord for a chat, this allows me to introduce not only myself, but also get a feel for you communication style. It is a small informal interview of sorts. If that goes well, you may be selected to become a Community Moderator, where you will be evaluated and introduced to the rest of the team.

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