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Orochimaru (#5106)
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Hello! I'm new here and I just can't seem to be able to get a pet! It's really hard because I can't do anything without one? Can I have some help? Thanks so much!

Whats up? Shoot me a friend request! Always looking for new pals!
9 months ago on September 09, 2018 19:08

Digital (#3053)
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Hey there @LordOrochimaru!

It appears you have a totem in your inventory, if you use it (click on it in inventory, and in the dropdown at bottom of the screen choose use), you will be able to create a Horse, your first pet!

9 months ago on September 09, 2018 19:15

Owl (#37)
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@LordOrochimaru Welcome to Novilar!! I hope you enjoy making your first pet! Horses are great. ^_^ If you have any other questions as you go along in the site, please don't hesitate to ask! People here love to help each other out. :D

9 months ago on September 10, 2018 00:51

LadyCregga (#5463)
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Welcome to Novilar!

5 months ago on January 15, 2019 14:36

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