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Orochimaru (#5106)
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Hello! I've discovered what I think is a bug that has to do with purification. The percentage/chance displayed does not seem to add up to the actual chance. I could have really bad luck, but I have done numerous experiments with different "chances" of purification, and I haven't ever been able to capture one, even if the chances are high. I've come across tons of corrupted animals, but have never been able to catch one.. the percentages don't seem to add up.  

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2 months ago on September 12, 2018 05:18

Petraea (#2308)
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You're never guaranteed to purify a corruption unless the percentage is at 100%. If you have 20% filled up, that means you have a one in five chance of purifying it. Even if you're always getting 80% filled up, you still only have a four in five chance of purifying it. And it resets each time, so it's always just a X in 100 chance to purify depending on the percentage. You might just have some really rotten luck! 

2 months ago on September 12, 2018 18:43

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