Great Gray Skins [Axolligator and Requests]

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I'm finally getting around to having a skin sales thread! I'd love to dabble some in different skins, including body modifications and realistic animal markings.

Existing Skins
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Meet the Axolligator skin! It was my entry in the September skin contest, and for the month of October, you too can have a gorgeous head of fringe for 1 crystal. After Halloween, I'll be upping it to 2 crystals since obviously it's now an expensive fashion statement rather than a cheap Halloween costume. (Also read: I want it to be cheap for interested users since it was the contest winner, but I do want to eventually make profit off it.)



I'll open actual commissions at some point, but since I'm doing Inktober, I'd welcome requests for modifications or items you'd love to see as a skin and I might use one of my inking days on it!

2 months ago on October 10, 2018 15:46

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