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Valkjrye (#5421)
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If I was to make a skin for a deer and edited both the antlers and the body, would that make it a male deer skin only? Or do skins work on both genders for animals with different art for each? As in, would the female deer with the same skin have just the body art?
I'm assuming skins only work on one gender per skin, but I thought I would check so the males aren't left out.

5 months ago on December 06, 2018 09:15

GrayEmbers (#1415)
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I don't believe skins are gender restricted at the moment. I put a deer skin with antlers on this female deer to check. But that's a skin I bought from the Skin and Bones store (and I checked with the Winterborn Stag skin and it can also be applied to females), so I'm not sure if user-made skins are different at the moment. In the submit dropdown, there's options for Male/Female Deer and Male/Female Lion.

Either way, I'm fairly sure there's no system to hide male-only portions of a skin, so if there were ornaments hanging from the antlers I think they'd just be floating on does.

Hope that helps even though I'm not certain!

5 months ago on December 09, 2018 14:28

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