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princepoke (#5409)
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Are there any items, apparel, designs, or aesthetic aspect of the site you think does not fit with the current style of Novilar, or could use some sprucing up as we grow?

Post your recommendations for revamping here!

3 weeks ago on December 23, 2018 03:33

Owl (#37)
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I think the dress shirts, riding jackets, shirt combos, and any other shirt items that have detail on the chest (like the silver blouse) could use a second look!
The items always looked a little "off" to me in alignment once they're on the avatars. For example, the ties on the dress shirts don't look 100% natural in terms of their shape and where on the avatar they're positioned, and the blouses look off-kilter too.

3 weeks ago on December 23, 2018 09:48

Neko (#2598)
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Agree with Owl about some of the avatar apparel art needing a revamp!

I've also noticed certain avatar clothing items don't 'stack' on top of each other properly (for example, wearing a flowing blue cape + cuddly eel, or staff + wings...). Not sure if that can be fixed up with an art revamp though, just putting it out there.

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3 weeks ago on December 23, 2018 16:01

AisDareth (#2307)
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HONESTLY I THNK THE WHOLE AVI BASE NEEDS REVAMPING ;_; The neck is too far forward, the shoulders are slouching a bit, and it just... hurts to look at ;_; It makes me want to go get a chiropractic adjustment.

It looks like the shading on the neck/jaw has been revised a bit??? Or is that just my imagination?


edit: also I think Bottled Lightning is looking a little rusty :o

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3 weeks ago on December 24, 2018 09:38

LadyCregga (#5463)
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How about a second way to turn in Animal Guardian quests straight from the Adventure Log page via "Go to Altar and Turn In Quest" button? And making quests that exceed the 24-hour window of completing them still eligible for abandonment or completion?

With the way the game has been coded, I have not been able of turn in quests or abandon them for a new quest (after the 1-hour cooldown), for the past couple of days.

If other users are likely experiencing this problem, then the only way they may receive rewards through the animal guardians is by offering up a Life Feather or a Death Feather, and sometimes players may not be carrying the feathers.

2 weeks ago on December 27, 2018 09:33

princepoke (#5409)
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Clothing suggestions have been noted! I personally do think howveer it might be better to release new items perhaps since certain users might prefer a specific item because of the way it layers/hides, etc., but I'll definitely discuss that with Digital nevertheless! ^^ We'll definitely be releasing more apparel as time passes though I'm sure, so hopefully  we'll be able to release some good clothes that will fit good!
Regarding the layering, I do believe that's a bit on the coding side with something like a "back" or "front"layering aspect to the items, but will definitely try to look at the items and see options we have of optimizing the way they layer in the artistic side!

@AisDareth(#2307) The HAs were very recently revamped actually! The nose disappearance act was (behind the scenes ;-) ) related to that actually, and the current HAs we have have been remastered! (You can check out the new shade/anatomy by going into your wardrobe, and checking the options in "Change your avatar's appearance"!)
I couldn't change any part of the lineart such as the shoulders or the neck in order to keep em compatible with the HA items we currently already have, but have worked my best to spazz up the base! ^^

@LadyCregga(#5463) I unfortunately cannot adjust those options through the aesthetics side of things, but I believe the 24-hour window completion error is a glitch that has been mentioned before. I do think the idea of streamlining quest submissions is a great suggestion though, and recommend you to post a new thread here in the suggestions thread for it, so it can get seen by the right people! ^^

Thank you so much for the replies everyone! Very excited to hear back from y'all so we can improve the experience!! aa

2 weeks ago on December 29, 2018 02:20

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