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MissLlamaness (#493)
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It seems that the HA skin has gotten a lovely reshade, but now my avatar is missing it's nose.

If I go to change my avatar's apperance, it shows all the skins but the one I'm currently equipping to have a nose. I'm not sure if it's this particular skin tone, or if it's because I haven't changed it since it got a reshade.


On a (somewhat) related note, aren't the skin tones of the new reshade incredibly different from the old ones? 

For comparison: old - new

Most of the skins look notable lighter, leaving only 3 skins that I'd consider medium and/or dark. It also seems that some of the different shades switched places, as the old skin tone marked as 6 is an olive tone, whereas the new 6th skin tone is incredibly red, looking more like the 5th skintone of the old tones. In fact, none of the new skin tones seem to look much like the one I used to have, which is really a shame.

5 months ago on January 02, 2019 08:56

Digital (#3053)
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We are working on restoring your nose, rest assured it will return.

Yes, the bases got changes up with some reshades, which did alter some of the tones. A lot of the tones were reduced in the red spectrum, which explains some of the alterations.

5 months ago on January 02, 2019 09:11

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