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Hello and welcome to my art shop!! I'm Owl and I like to draw things. c:
Please read through the following information carefully!! ;D
If you have any questions after reading this post, please feel free to ask me! ^_^


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I mostly draw quads, but I'll draw your sneks too!! ;D I'm not the best at feathers, but if after looking at my examples you decide you want me to draw you a feathered friend, I'll probably try to do it for you!

I will draw backgrounds as well, but they're not super detailed. You can see my exampes below to see what I mean.

I do NOT draw humans/similar creatures. I MIGHT draw an anthro animal (like a fursona).


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My examples (May 2018 through present) can be found on my instagram:


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I'm new to selling my art, so prices are subject to change.
My Crystal to Gold exchange rate is based on the bank's current exchange rate.

Full-Body Image: 10 Crystals (or) 400k gold

Partial-Body Image: 5 Crystals (or) 200k gold

All Backgrounds: MINIMUM of 20k gold (abstract)
2 Crystals (or) 80k gold (anything more detailed);
Prices increase with complexity of requested background


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I'm currently only accepting one commission slot at a time.
There is a limit of one art piece per slot.

1. (open)


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This form is REQUIRED and must be filled out COMPLETELY.

I reserve the right to decline any commission request for any reason.

Username: (your Novilar username)
Character Name: (not required, but nice)
Character Reference: (must be at least one image; I won't work off written descriptions)
Body Size: (full-body, something else?)
Art Style: (angular or lineless)
Canvas Size: (my canvases vary; if you want something specific, please tell me here!)
Anything Else: (any additional details you'd like me to know for your commission)
Payment: (how much and with what you're going to pay for this art)


Thank you SO MUCH for visiting my art shop! I hope I can earn your patronage. c:

Good day, Novilar friends!! ^.^

2 months ago on January 02, 2019 14:53

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