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PepperMint (#1911)
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Recently, I changed over to a new style, got more involved with art again, and have been trying to get my head around proper human/animal anatomy. 

My art, since I switched to lineless, has undergone a lot of positive transformation (in my opinion, anyway, haha):



I was hoping someone could give me some kind of, I dunno, critique? Constructive critisism? I really want to improve my anatomy, and as much as using references is making a world of a difference, I doubt I'll get where I want to be without a second pair of eyes.

The file of my human(oid) drawings is here, if you need bigger images.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help <3

5 months ago on January 08, 2019 13:00

princepoke (#5409)
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Heya!! Hoping I could be of help! ♡

Firstly, I /love/ how cute your style is, gosh!! And I def agree personally that going lineless has been doing p good for u i think! The poses generally seem more flowy, and more anatomically correct! (tho im unsure if thats because u used refs for the lineless, but not the lined, or otherwise). I think you've got a pretty good grap of /generally/ where limbs go, especially bssed on the outter silhouette of figures(see below to see what i mean)

you can most probs take it up a notch anatomically by trying to see shapes in the references u use! I feel this will help with slightly wonkiness I notice here and there (such as placement of the eyes), and the simpicity of elements such as the face especially and sometimes mis-bunching of the clothes. a lot of other artists also reccomend trying to draw using RL anatomy before stylizing it, as it allows for you to be able to better identify what parts go where, and have a better understanding of drawing overall. 

that being said, if ever you find urself struggling with foreshortening/breaking down any figures or whatnot, feel free to drop by the novilar discord/chat(its under the community tab), and post in the artist channel tagging me @poke#2604 ^^ ill be happy to help out where i can!

5 months ago on January 12, 2019 21:15

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