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You make your way through the now very familiar village where you first entered this strange world, feeling that the worn pathways and cobblestone streets had become significantly more crowded since your first visit, and subsequent visits after.  A few of the village regulars greet you warmly as you pass and wish you a good day's travel.  Fondly returning the sentiment, you make your way past a large, black tent on the outskirts of the market.  Something about it seems familiar, though you can't recall exactly who it belongs to or why it was there.

Moving in for a closer look, you take in the site of the freshly-built fencing surrounding a grassy clearing.  A little copse of trees and a manbuilt cave of sorts sit at the very back of the enclosure, closer to the denser woodland that hugs the site of the town.  A small group of eager-looking adventurers gather around the corner of the corral, their animal companions peering over and through the fence posts beside them.  Curious, you step further from the familiar cobblestone walkways and head towards the dark tent and its group of visitors.  Just as you near the back of the group you're quickly backtracking in order to make room for the band of Novilers as they pay hearty "thank you's" and "goodbyes" to the pale, auborn-haired figure left leaning on the inside of the fence post.  The black-clad ginger gives them all a friendly wave and wishes them luck before turning their attention to you.  Behind them stands a very large, strikingly-patterned deer.  The pair greet you in unison, their heads bowing briefly upon your arrival.

"Hey there, adventurer!  Say . . . haven't we met before . . .?  No?  Well, it's no matter.  Welcome to my little corner of Novilar.  You here for a new animal companion?" they ask, leaning their freckled chin in one hand while gesturing with the other to the field behind them.  Finally able to see unobstructed, you notice that there are a good number of animals here--all different types of creatures, just milling about or lazing in the lush grass and shade.  "I've made a habit of purifying and taking in any animals I can house in my territory, but. . ."  They chuckle softly, re-crossing their arms and leaning on the fence once more, shaking their head.  "It seems I've taken in a few too many.  My territory's full up, and my own animal companions are having a hard time getting around.  I don't' suppose you'd be willing to take a few of these guys off my hands, would you?"  They tilt their head, fixing you in their glowing green gaze.  "Oh, and the name's Essy-G, by the way, and this massive wall of hide behind me is AlulaOscon."   The giant grunts what you guess is some kind of greeting before moving off a ways away to graze. ~ You've encountered Essy-G and their faithful cervine AlulaOscon!  It seems they've opened up a sort of adoption corral.  Nifty!  Perhaps you'll find a creature or three to take home?


The way this giveaway operates is very simple.  For as long as furry supplies last, you'll be able to request three free pets from me per month.  Any of the animals that are currently for sale in my territory are up for grabs--DO NOT request pets that aren't up for sale.  Comment here with the links to the pets you'd like to adopt, and I'll let you know if they're available and/or when I can send/have sent them!  Hope you find someone you like!


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May I be able to adopt these three pets from your territory? I'm currently working on expanding my herds and trying to introduce new colors into the pedigrees.

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