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March 31st, 2019 6:36:15 AM

I thought it might be useful to compile a list of suggestions which have since been implemented. If you know of a since-implemented suggestion not on this list, @me (by ID number, not username) in the thread.

Quality of Life

List breeding or sale price in all classified listings even if only searching for pets of the opposite status.

Release a pet from its own page rather than having to do so from territory overview.

Both suggestions from GreyEmbers' thread

New pets appear in back of territory - as opposed to the front, thus requiring regular resorting.

Access pets directly through the "random pet" feature - previously, random pets could not be visited.

Thread titles limited to 50 characters

Create an official statement on whether userstyles are permitted - (they are, with some officially supported styles to boot)

List minipet ability in hoverbox

List number of currently owned ingredients when viewing a recipe

Allow users to visit an altar when at 0 steps - Partially implemented, now possible via direct link (for example, through the Adventure Log). Still not possible through Territory.


Revamp / Expansion

List the uses for an item in its hoverbox

Introduce an apparel preview accessible from the item's icon

Allow users to buy more apparel slots for their avatars and pets




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