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DustAfterRain (#5674)
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Hey ! I'm DustAfterRain, you can call me Dust though ;)

I've just started because i was looking for something to distract me from upcoming exams at uni also back on Flight Rising if you play add me there too :)

Anyways! This site seems pretty fun so far but if anyone wants to chat or has any tips hit me up, I'm always open to help :) 


6 days ago on April 12, 2019 07:08

Digital (#3053)
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Welcome to Novilar! Glad you are liking it so far!

6 days ago on April 12, 2019 09:16

LadyCregga (#5463)
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Welcome to Novilar!

6 days ago on April 12, 2019 17:34

shoegaze (#5225)
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hi Dust! welcome to Novilar :-)

5 days ago on April 13, 2019 08:50

ilovepups127 (#2214)
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Hi! welcome~

4 days ago on April 14, 2019 17:27

Asuna (#5675)
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1 day ago on April 17, 2019 06:42

Owl (#37)
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Hey Dust! ^_^ Hope life hasn't been too rough on you since you joined!! D:

If you haven't found it yet, the official Novilar discord server is a great place for more live-chat type conversation if that's something that interests you. c: It is the replacement for the site's actual live-chat feature right now actually, so if that's something you might find fun, I definitely recommend looking into it. Don't worry if you don't want to though, because we make sure that announcements are made on-site in addition to the discord, so if you don't use the discord you won't be left out on important site news. c:

A good decent number of people do use it though, if it's something that you might be interested in. It's not super busy (unless you wander into the ideas-and-feedback channel when the moon is in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligns with Mars--sorry. XD) but people are there and there is conversation that happens. It's just a matter of catching people at the right time. It's a really chill server made up of really chill people. People are so willing to help too. OH. That's another thing. It's also easier to get quick answers to your questions through the discord, just because people see your messages sooner, typically speaking. People tend to check discord more often than they do the Novilar forums because, to be honest, the forums here are a bit slow right now, and discord is such a big service that you can do other things with beyond just Novilar. ^_^


WOW. I need to stop saying hi to people late at night. I ramble on like my grandma. o_o I'm so sorry! XD I promise I don't always do this. ^_^;; Anyway, welcome to Novilar! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the community in whatever way(s) suit you best!!! :D Don't forget that my inbox is always open too, for anything, not just mod-duty stuff that might or might not warrant a ticket. Legitimately. ^_^ I hope you come to enjoy this site as much as we do! :D :D

1 hour ago on April 18, 2019 20:25

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