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Poptarts (#2281)
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April 28th, 2019 1:20:17 PM

Welcome my dear Novilar players to the venting corner. This is an area where you can safely vent about your day or whatever is on your mind that you need to get off your chest.


1. No harassment-Includes:
-Calling player(s) name out. (No posting their username or ID)
-Giving an obvious description.
-Shaming the person venting. (No putting them down)
-Fighting on the thread. (If you have an issue PM them to sort things out or block them)

2. Positive replies only-Includes:
-NO shaming the person who vents.
-You can relate to venter(s) issue. (even if negative)
-You can reply with what you believe is positive. 
-You can post cute pictures, words of encouragement.

3. Avoid the five S's -Includes
-Talks of suicide
-Talks of self-harm
-Talks of sexual content
-Spamming (Multiple messages with no context or meaning to the topic)

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Bow down and profess your love unto me. Or I shall destroy you.

pxke79 (#6302)
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September 17th, 2019 11:20:15 PM

I don't have anything to vent about, but I wanted to say how awesome it is to have this thread on here! 

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