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Phoenix13 (#5715)
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May 9th, 2019 2:02:48 AM

I was wondering what the best way to make a pet skin is. Like if there is a website that's better than another, or something. If you can answer my question, thank you so much!

pyatiugolnik (#666)
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May 11th, 2019 7:51:52 AM


What websites have you been using? You could use any drawing program, really (I think GIMP is free to use). As long as the program can open a PSD it'll probably be fine! It's better to just practice and make a skin and not worry so much about the program you're using.

My method is to download the image of the pet, insert it as a layer, and lower its opacity. On a new layer, I sketch out whatever my skin idea is. That way, I can see how the skin will conform to the shape of the pet, where it will need to break the lineart, etc. On another layer, I'll draw out whatever my idea was out, then add color on another layer, etc. I don't know if that's the "best" way but it works for me!

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