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OutsmartingBasilisk (#4965)
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I just bought a pet, changed my mind about keeping him and decided to release it. But when I did. it said I couldn't, because he was an expecting father. First off, I think that you should be able to release expecting fathers, and secondly, I had no way to tell he was an expecting father.

I do not see a need to make it so you cannot release the father. Unlike the mother, who is the one pregnant, he has no real need to be unrealeasable. Even from a lore standpoint, seeing as you can sell expecting fathers to different players, the father does not need to stay with the mother for the children to be born. As such, he should be able to be released.

As for my second point, I had no idea he was an expecting father when I bought him. I can't even tell if my own pets are expecting fathers after I breed them, instead having to just remember it. I think that if expecting fathers cannot be released in the same way expecting mothers can't, that they should have an icon like pregnant pets that tells you this. It would be helpful, in cases like this, where knowing that information would be helpful.

3 months ago on July 10, 2019 14:30

Redpixel (#5780)
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I second this. It's incredibly frustrating when this happens.

3 months ago on July 11, 2019 22:56

Owl (#37)
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I've talked about this in the server and haven't gotten any response, so hopefully this thread will get more attention than my complaints did.

So the reason dads can't be released is because offspring are rolled at the time of birth. If dad doesn't exist, half the stats necessary for rolling the offspring just aren't there.

You can sell pregnant moms too, but if you go to their profile you get that notification of how much longer they're pregnant. Dads should have that too. OR breeding can be changed to roll the offspring at the time of breeding so that the dad doesn't need to still exist 4-5 days later (or longer if the mom's territory gets full). A lot of sites will roll the offspring at the time of breeding, and I really don't understand why Novilar rolls offspring at the time of birth.

3 months ago on July 12, 2019 00:23

Saourealis (#5897)
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INTERESTING, thank you for that insight @Owl

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2 months ago on July 17, 2019 14:21

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