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You wander through the woods staring at the poorly drawn map that you had received from an older woman dressing in a tattered cloak. She had told you that there was a Halloween event going on within the forest clearing to celebrate the Death Festival. It does not take you long until you arrive at the red x. Looking up you see a vendor, it was the Shaman! Without uttering a word he grabbed your hand and snapped on an orange wristband that said 'Special Guest" before opening up the gate to allow you inside the festival. 

You saw many new and familiar faces, some running the festival stalls. 

Anise walks up to you dressed as a vampire. "Hello, I see you made it to the festival. There are a few games you can play for free, I would not recommend the other games as they are rigged." Anise reached into their pocket handing you a slip with recommended activities and upcoming contests.  "Well, I will be on my way. The pie-eating contest is about to start" 

What activities should you do first? You heard that you can win items or money from each game. 

Games: Prizes will be given out near the end of the day. 
(Wheel of Fate) (Daily Game)
(Maze Hayze) (Resets every 5 days)/(Daily Game)
(Apple Bobbing) (Daily Game)
(Witches Brew) (Daily Game)
(Feed the Bun) (Daily Game)

Contest: Prize for each contest winner is 5 crystals, you may win more than once, you may begin early on the future contest)
(Pumpkin Carving Contest) (Begins October 5th and ends October 13th)
(Avatar Fashion Show) (Begins October 15th and ends October 20th) (Theme: Halloween)
(Pet Fashion Show) (Begins October 20th and ends October 25th) (Theme: Halloween)
(Scary Story Contest) (Begins October 25th and ends October 30th)


(If you have any questions please send them in the modbox, private messaging me or through discord and I will get back to you in a timely matter.)

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