Death Festival Halloween Event (Apple Bobbing)

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bob for apples

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1 day ago on October 14, 2019 13:55

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Bob apples

16 hours ago on October 15, 2019 00:04

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You bob for an apple for quite some time. You feel yourself becoming slightly lightheaded from the amount of time you are spending with your head inside the barrel of apples. You quickly pull up as you finally catch something between your teeth! You have pulled out a Red Apple! (You have won a Red Apple)

@Prince(#647) Your place your head inside the barrel. After a few minutes of many failed attempts, you finally catch something between your teeth. (You have won a Sweet Apple)



Dear me, remember to check above this post as someone played the daily game today! So they need to be included in the rolls. 

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6 hours ago on October 15, 2019 10:07

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