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Fraynos (#6836)
Apprentice Alchemist
April 21st, 2020 11:07:54 AM

Hey, everyone! I have fallen in love with this site since I found it, but I am getting rather bored with no one to talk to. It feels like I only log on to spin the wheel and get my daily interest 😢 I do understand it's a smaller site compared to some!

So a bit about me, I'm from the US, 22. I like video games, art, writing, I have 8 pets! 

I'd love to meet some new people 💗

PepperMint (#1911)
Master Adventurer
dappervolk is here so i'll be online a lot less, but i'll try to reply to messages asap <3
April 22nd, 2020 5:14:21 PM

hey there @Fraynos(#6836)  I absolutely agree - this site can feel a bit like a chore with so little interaction in the forums. So, thanks for creating this thread~! :D


If you don't mind me asking a few questions to start conversation; what kind of games do you play? What genre do you tend to write? And how, might I ask, did you manage to accumulate so many pets? xD

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Fraynos (#6836)
Apprentice Alchemist
April 27th, 2020 6:44:10 PM

@PepperMint (#1911)

Hello! Sorry for the late reply! I honestly didn't think I would get a response so thanks for stopping in <3


I play all sorts of games really. I just got Animal Crossing and Doom. Best combo ever :D But I also have been playing Skyrim. The only games I don't really care for are like CoD, League of Legends, Modern Warfare. As far as online goes, I am on Gaia. I was on Subeta but I got banned for the most ridiculous reason. I have serious issues with that site 😫

Right now I am writing a science fiction novel with my husband! When I was in high school I wrote short stories. I unfortunately don't have them anymore and I am just getting back into it.

I looooove animals so much! I am going to be going to school for zoology soon. If the zoo in my area opens back up this summer I want to volunteer. I wasn't really allowed to have animals growing up. We did have an occasional cat. When we moved I ended up having up to six cats at one time. I wanted a dog or a rabbit but I was always told no. We ended up saving the dog I have now. So when I finally moved away from my mother I took the 4 cats we had at the time and the dog. I later bought a hamster, 2 snakes, a bearded dragon, a scorpion, and a tarantula. It worked out so perfectly because my brother worked mornings and I worked nights. So now I have 3 cats, a dog, and two snakes. That is only 7, but since I made this post I lost my hamster :( He was an old lil guy I rehomed for a friend. 

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