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PepperMint (#1911)
Master Adventurer
dappervolk is here so i'll be online a lot less, but i'll try to reply to messages asap <3
June 28th, 2020 3:31:22 AM

The forums on Novilar are, generally, a rather quiet place on the site. While I know there's a rather active Discord, I feel a lot more intimidated to reply ASAP when there are direct forms of messaging, and that just doesn't happen in a forum. So I thought, perhaps, some other Novilar players would want to hang out and chat in a hangout thread~!


A hangout thread is a forum topic dedicated to chatting about literally anything, from what's on your mind to simply greeting other members of the site. If you wanna participate, just jump in! No rules or requirements (aside from following Novilar's rules, of course) :D


So, how is everyone?

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