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AmericanWerewolf (#7259)
Apprentice Mage
Hello! I'm a Newbie so looking for any HELP, TIPs, and TRICKs that I can get! THANKS!
October 16th, 2020 3:26:10 AM

Hi. My name is American Werewolf.

I have already been playing for a little while, but haven't introduced myself.

in RL I am a teacher, and i commute 2 hours each way to work as i live in very rural Minnesota.

I play online games as my own treat to myself to escape reality a bit.

I play Novi, Xanje, and I'm halfway getting back into Ovipets.

I love all the pets and am anxiously awaiting the coming update; but my favorite has to be deer.

I play in the early AM (US central Standard time) while everyone else is still sleeping, I am up early. early,early.

I already have quite a bit of a collection, but always looking to grow and add new patterns and colors; especially ones I might not think to create myself (I LOVE blue, pink, purple, black, and white)

I look forward to making more friends and watching this game grow!

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