I Scream Ice Cream!!

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FemaleWolverine (#8707)
Apprentice Adventurer
May 16th, 2021 3:50:35 PM

Hey guys! Welcome to "I Scream Ice Cream" :D

In this game, someone starts the game by posting a word, then someone else continues the game by posting a word that starts with the letter that the previous one ended with.

Okey, now that that's cleared up let's go over some rules :

1. Only respond to the latest post (this one is very obvious in games like these, I just thought I should mention it).

2. Consider your words and make sure they are suitable for a general audience

There should be no swear words, and nouns aren't allowed

Now that all that is done with, let's get started!

The word is : Anime

I couldn't resist lol have fun!

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