^_^ Hiya! I have some questions...

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Skelli (#9102)
Apprentice Artisan
July 21st, 2021 12:19:12 PM


I just joined Novilar today and figured I'd hop on and say hello! So to those who have been here a while:

. What's your favorite part about this game?
. What do you do to keep yourself interested?
. Is there any tips you wish you knew when you started?

To everyone, not just old players:

. Do you want to be friends? :D

Thanks so much! <3

Cywen (#8989)
Scholar Keeper
July 26th, 2021 2:52:39 AM

I love the adventure regions. I love breeding my pets and can get a bit carried away and need to release or sell a few cheaply because my territory gets full. I suppose once I get to maybe 100 territory space, I would hope to be a bit more careful.

I keep myself interested by spinning the wheel daily, trying to do the guardian quests darling, breeding my pets, gifting totems to new players and browsing the forums.

Sure, I would be happy to  be your friend. Unfortunately, I dislike using Discord.

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