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Thebasicwolfy (#6578)
Apprentice Adventurer
November 1st, 2021 3:50:29 AM

Hello i forgot that i made this account 💀 im not sure how long its been but its fine. This game kinda reminds me of other ones that i cant list in fear of getting banned 🤨. Im not gonna be playing because i dunno anything about this game and i kinda dont wanna learn how. Im 18 and My instagram is @/ d_c_wolfyarts if anyone is interested in seeing my art. If your not intrested its fine idc 🤨🤨🗿 anyweys im tired its like 3:50 am and im supposed to sleep so i can go to work at the kennel🗿 gn

PocketPotato (#787)
Apprentice Adventurer
Splatoon 3 hype!!
November 28th, 2021 11:22:09 PM

lol! Well I would'nt be too afraid of getting banned, there's minimal activity from all levels of players most of the time here. Anyways this is belated but welcome to novilar!

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