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princepoke (#5409)
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A: Maybe, maybe not. I'm fairly ambivalent towards the idea of the existence of ghosts. Even if they did exist, I don't believe they play any large enough part in this world that it's necessary to give them any mind. u can, if u wanna ig tho - thats ur choice to take, but not one I would.

Q: What's your favorite color? Is there a particular reason, background or anecdote you'de like to share related to it?

1 week ago on December 01, 2018 06:13

heyitsmemelissa (#3082)
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A; It is a long story but I no longer have a favorite color. There are many colors that I do like a lot but there is not one that is particually my one and only favorite. When I was younger I loved red mostly because my grandmother did and I loved everything about her. She had the red car, red dresses, red shoes, red lipstick and I just loved it all. After she passed and when I got older I wasn't around it as much and just kinda stop liking red. I never wear red and don't even own a red shirt and never really adopted another favorite color. 

Q: Would you ever want to visit space?

6 days ago on December 04, 2018 06:38

Inspire (#5277)
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A. Yes!!! Space is a very interesting topic to me and I love to make scientific reasonings or theories and to discover truths about them, ahhhhh!!!!

Q. Have you ever farmed? (taking care of chickens/pigs,crop pulling/harvesting)

4 days ago on December 06, 2018 00:32

Arielwinter (#106)
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A. No, but i want to take care of chickens. mostly because they are cute smol raptors.

Q. What kind of obscure fandoms can you name? (ex: hylics)

2 days ago on December 08, 2018 10:07

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