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Miranda (#1)
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You guys have repeatedly requested more fluff text for exploration (when you do not get anything) and we heard you! In order to help us focus on other aspects of the explore overhaul, @runeowl and I thought it would be fun to let you guys submit ideas for fluff text for different areas!

Example: (forest) "You stop for a moment and admire the leaves as they sway in the trees. It's so peaceful here."

Submissions can be for any area and you may submit as many as you want (though not all may be implemented). Fluff text should be relatively short (no more than 250 characters) and be reflective of the area being explored.

To submit, just reply to this thread with your submissions! If you'd like to remain private, you can also open a modbox ticket with your submissions.

2 years ago on October 27, 2016 21:37

PrismFire (#74)
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(ocean) "You watch in admiration as a giant sea turtle swims past you, it's flippers paddling ever so gracefully."

2 years ago on October 28, 2016 00:22

Orthan (#418)
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The snow seems to go on forever here, you cant make out where the sky ends and the ground begins.(Tundra)

The path you walked has lead you to the ice flows where you see a pod of whales in the distance and a family of penguins sliding on the ice. One of them flops in the snow. You laugh.(Tundra)

The ocean is warm as you swim through it's waters a friendly pod of dolphins join you. You grab one of their fins and let them lead.(Ocean)

The Ocean is a vast place, as you swim you look down and see a large shape in its depths. You are pretty sure you dont want to find out what that is.(Ocean)

As you get swept back into the skies you have to wonder how this is possible but then you realize you dont care. You can fly.(Skies)

You have been up here for a while now, in the distance you see black storm clouds gathering..perhaps its time to find your way back down.(Skies)

While exploring the jungle you come across old ruins that seem as old as the world itself. The tunnel beckons you in but you pull yourself away as you are certain you saw something starring back at you from inside.(Jungle)

After climbing up one of the trees and hearing the beautiful bird song. You smile the view from the tree tops is stunning.(Jungle)

As vast as the desert is you are pleased to see a family of camels roaming by, it lets you know that you are not alone out here.(Desert)

Something is out there. You do not know what but you can just feel it. In the back of your mind small voice says not to enter the Desert right now. You dont.(Desert)

You see a pride of lions with cubs running around. You smile at the cute little scene but do not get any closer.(Savannah)

Something is making you feel uneasy, out of the corner of your eye you see black smoke. A grass fire?? Maybe. Something tells you that is not the case as you see no flames. You should leave.(Savannah)

The warm wind blows around you and your hat flies off just like in the movies, you chase after it with a half smile. This place is beautiful but you cant help but feel homesick for a world you cannot return to.(Grasslands)

The wind of the grassland dies down, only to roar back up a moment later with a terrible howl all around you as you shield your face from its sting. When it lets up your familar pulls at your sleeve. They are frightened. You are to.(Grasslands)

You stumble across the remains of what looks like an old climbing camp. The fire long extinguished and tents half buried. You do not know if the climbers left it behind or why. You should not stay to find out.(Mountains)

The view from the peaks is beautiful. It is getting late though and a warm crackling fire and hot chocolate calls your name.(Mountains)

You take a canoe down river, one of your own making. You feel proud of this and cant help but smile as a family of otters follows behind you one even floating on a log. How cute.(River)

You rest on a fallen tree by the river after gathering berries and various other fruits that grow here. As you look up your eyes grow wide. Across the river bank stand these figures. Their eyes are locked on you, the stranger here. You grab your bag and decide its time to leave.(River)

You run through the forest already discarding your shoes as the leave seems to change color all around you. Reds and Oranges and Yellows, this new world you find yourself in is truely beautiful. You can see yourself making a home here.(Forest)

It has been hours in the ever changing forest and it is time to head back. You suddenly notice all the animals have grown quiet and still leaving the place feeling unnerving, you hear music at first its quiet but its getting louder. Closer. You run, something tells you not to stay.(Forest)

Wooo! There we go, two of each. One happy, one creepy/scary because Novilar is still an unknown land and who knows what is out there or is causing the corruption.

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2 years ago on October 28, 2016 18:51

Meesh (#1301)
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The air is thinner up here. You need to stop and rest a lot more.

You hear the screech of some kind of bird of prey, but can't make out what it is in the distance.

Your foot catches on a loose rock and you stumble, managing to catch yourself just in time. That was close!


You take a few moments to listen to the happy babbling of the river.

The day is getting pretty warm, so you splash for a few minutes in the waters.

You see a frog plop into the water out of the corner of your eye.


Something huge and dark swam past you in the water. try to avoid that area.

A school of fish nearly swim into you, splitting off to avoid you at just the last second.

Your lungs ache. You resurface for a fresh breath of air.


Snow, snow, and more snow.... when was the last time you saw a proper tree?

Oh look, someone made a snow angel in the ground!

An icy breeze makes you shiver.

2 years ago on October 29, 2016 19:51

Alloy (#895)
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Will you have us make fluff text for items in the future? What would be fun.


How are you exploring this area? It is a mystery.

2 years ago on October 29, 2016 22:27

littlelight (#1488)
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You cringe as you feel the sand in your clothes. 
You feel the sun beat down on the back of your neck. You swear you can feel it burning.
The sun is so hot you have forgotten the feeling of being in the shade.
You think the bottom of you shoe has melted slightly.

2 years ago on October 30, 2016 10:03

Echo (#494)
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Curiosity gets the best of you and you look down... Why on earth did you do that?!


While it is a modern marvel that you are exploring the skies, somehow you forget to close your mouth--ugh! Was that a fly?!

2 years ago on October 30, 2016 14:08

DarknessShallFall (#1526)
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You're swimming under the water when suddenly a shark passes by.
Your pet tries to grab a fish to eat, but fails in doing so.

You roll around in the grass and dandelions and start sneezing, why did you do that?
You loose track of where you are in the high grasses and end up going in circles!

All the tree's in the area look the same to you, why did you come here in the first place?
You walk without looking and run into a spider web, Ack! Now it's all over you!

You step on what you think is a stone and end up tripping on a turtle.
Your pet tries to catch a frog and falls into the water.


It becomes really foggy and you have to stop for a few minutes so you don't walk off a cliff.
You hear the rumbling of what you thought was an avalanche, but turns out to be your pet's stomach growling.

Your pet is having fun rolling around in the snow.
You and your pet stopped to make some snow angels.
You make a snowball and throw it at your pet, why did you do that to them?

The monkey's around you are howling like crazy, which makes you think they're making fun of you.
Mosquitoes are everywhere and swarm you like crazy.
You are caught in a sudden downpour! Run for cover!

How can you explore the skies when you don't have wings?
Whatever you do, don't look down!
You're not looking where you're going when suddenly a bird runs into you.

You're so thirsty that you start seeing things and end up rolling around in the sand.
Oh watch out, it's a scorpion!
Your pet stops to chase a random lizard.
You found an oasis and decide to go for a swim.

You stop for the night when it starts to get dark, fearing of being eaten.
Oh look a Giraffe! Your pet stares at the tall creature for several minutes.

2 years ago on November 02, 2016 21:15

IrritatorRaji (#918)
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You toss a snowball at your pet, curious as to what would happen. They were not pleased. 

You see some tall grass rustling before you. Your instincts urge you to lunge for your backpack, you aren't sure why. i'm hoping someone gets this reference :')

2 years ago on November 03, 2016 08:43

Erisna (#1160)
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"You briefly debate burying yourself in the sand. It can't be any hotter than walking."
"What time is it? Better check the sun- nope, nope, bad idea." 
"You wish your pet was a camel. Riding sounds so nice." 

"The thought of falling makes you break into a cold sweat. You should've brought extra clothes." 
"A mountain goat gives you a very odd look from a nearby ridge." 
"Note to self: Rocks are rough. Bring gloves next time." 

"Crack, crack, crack. How are there so many twigs on the ground??" 
"You curse as a naughty animal- a squirrel, perhaps- drops an acorn on your head." 
"Oh dear. Your pet has decided to make its own trail. You should probably follow them." 

"You and your pet stop to build a snowman. It's adorable." 
"You squint against the brightness of the sun against the snow. You hope you don't go snowblind." 
"You step into a soft pocket of snow. Your pet has to help pull you out." 

"You whistle to some exotic birds. You get many indignant replies back." 
"It appears a parrot is trying to court you. You are uncomfortable and quickly flee the area." 
"You're not sure exactly what made that noise, but it was pretty." 

"The wind blowing through the grass makes a lovely, mournful whistle." 
"You pluck a piece of grass and attempt to whistle with it. Your pet is fascinated." 
"-plop- Ew... You should watch your step around large herds of animals."

"You fall in a deep hole and come up drenched and sputtering. You swear your pet is laughing at you." 
"What just touched your foot??" 
"You pause to admire the beauty of a waterfall, then sigh and try to plot how to climb the dang thing."

"Salt burns your eyes." 
"You spend some time playing keep-away with a friendly octopus." 
"You flip over and stare at the patterns of light at the surface, just peacefully drifting for a moment." 

"You try to do a barrel roll. Or is that an Aileron roll? You have no idea, but it's fun anyways!" 
"You debate spitting and seeing if you hit anyone down below." 
"You come across a flying paper lantern, and breathe on it to send it on its way." 

"Fun fact: in many films, tiger roars are substituted for lion roars. That doesn't make lion roars any less scary in person." 
"There are so many footprints here that you can't tell them apart." 
"You mentally list the differences between lions and cheetahs to amuse yourself." 

2 years ago on November 04, 2016 03:25

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