Collecting More Pets


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Collecting More Pets
One of the most popular gameplay elements of Novilar is collecting and customizing pets! There are four main ways players can get new pets to collect: 

- Breeding pets 
- Purifying wild pets 
- Buying pets from other players 
- Creating a new pet using a Totem 

Types of Totems

There are two different types of Totems that can be used to create a new pet: Basic Totems (with a blue item background), and Mythic Totems (item background with a sunburst). Both will allow you to create one brand new pet of that totem's species. The Mythic Totem is more valuable because it gives the player Uncommon and Rare marking options, where the Basic Totem only allows for Common marking options. 

Basic Totems can be gained from completing Guardian Quests and sometimes by making offerings at a Guardian's Altar. Mythic Totems can be purchased in the Festival Stall on the month celebrating that species' Guardian. Mythic Eagle Totems, for example, will be stocking in January only. 

Life and Death Totems

There are two additional specialty Totems that can be purchased from the Crystal Exchange year-round: the Life Totem and the Death Totem. The Life Totem allows you to create a new pet of any species using any markings - including uncommon and rare markings. It works much the same as a Mythic Totem, but serves as a universal in terms of pet species. 

The Death Totem, on the other hand, allows you to create a new Corrupt Pet. This gives your new pet the Corrupt image found during explore, but won't allow you to apply any new markings. It simply applies your choice of corrupted pet species on-site, with options to change the corrupted pet's color, saturation or brightness levels. Pets created with the Death Totem cannot wear any official Pet Apparel, since they do not match their "purified" pet species' image, and they are unbreedable.