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Forum Settings
Forum Signature

Create a unique Forum Signature to appear under each of your posts in the Forums. Signatures must follow all site rules and be in good general taste to the discretion of the staff. We may ask you to change or remove your signature if it breaks site rules or becomes overly distracting or disorienting (such as a rapidly flashing or visually obnoxious GIF).

Forum Vista

Forum Vistas appear behind your Icon and Human Avatar. These can be unlocked by completing new Guardian Quests, by participating in site-wide events, or by winning special contests. 

User Icon

Your icon appears in Chat and in the Forums! You can unlock new icons by completing in-game Achievements. 


You can mention or "ping" a user to get their attention in the Forums. Simply type @ followed by their ID number. @2 for example would send a notification to runeowl (#2).