Gold Coins (vs) Crystals


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Gold Coins (vs) Crystals

There are two forms of Game Currency in Novilar: Gold Coins and Crystals. 

Gold Coins

Gold Coins are the main form of currency! You can earn gold during regular gameplay, and use them to pay for almost everything, ranging from the marketplace shops to a variety of other customization options and features in-game (such as expanding your territory or unlocking new tools to use for Crafting). 


Crystals are Novilar's special "premium" currency, and are backed by USD payments via PayPal. They can be used to purchase even more exclusive customization and apparel items, or items that allow you to bypass wait times or make the game slightly easier or quicker to play. Novilar is not a "pay-to-play" game, and players who purchase Premium Currency will not gain too much of an advantage over others, as crystals are often used for aesthetic or personal account upgrades. Purchasing Premium Currency is completely optional.