Minipet Abilities


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Minipet Abilities

A Minipet is a companion specifically for your pet! They travel with the pet they have been "attached" to wherever they go, and never have to be fed or cared for. You cannot breed or interact with them, but they do have hidden special abilities that may come into play while you are exploring in Novilar. These abilities are only active if a minipet with this ability is attached to your active pet.  

In order to see which ability a particular minipet has, simply visit the Minipets tab of your Collections page HERE

Minipet Abilities:

Food Hoarder - Your active pet becomes hungry more slowly.

Animal Magnetism  - You are more likely to encounter Minipets while exploring.

Shiny Hoarder - You are more likely to discover gold while exploring.

Bad Luck - You are more likely to encounter a Corrupt Pet while exploring.

Nimble - Improves your active pet's Agility stat.

Defender - Improves your active pet's Endurance stat.

Warrior - Improves your active pet's Strength stat.

Astute - Improves your active pet's Cunning stat.

Pure Spirit - Improves your chances of Purifying a Corrupt Pet

Special Minipet Abilities: 

Legendary Spirit - Greatly improves your chances of Purifying a Corrupt Pet

Hatchable - Will "evolve" into a different minipet after walking it 1,000+ steps in Explore

How to hatch a minipet: 
1. Attach the minipet to one of your pets
2. Make sure the chosen "host" pet is your active while you explore
3. Don't remove the minipet from the host pet, or its step progress will reset!