Forum Etiquette


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Forum Etiquette

Forum Etiquette


Please treat all players with respect as fellow human beings.
All Site Rules and the TOS must be obeyed at all times while using the forums.

Forum and Chat Rules

1. Do not overuse "chat speak" or abbreviations, and try to communicate as clearly as you are able. 

2. Please write in English in the forums and chat (for ease of moderation). Other languages may be used in private messaging. 

3. Please do not spam. This includes posting multiple times in a thread or chat before receiving a response, carrying on a "one-sided" conversation, or reviving a very old thread posted by another user which has not been commented upon in several months. All automated messages, advertisements, or links to other websites will be deleted immediately.

4. Please do not post threads text in ALL CAPS, or use overly bright / unreadable text colors or fonts. 

5. Posting "nonsense" or filler threads, or generally being a nuisance to staff or other players in any way, is not allowed. If a user has expressed disinterest in speaking with you further, please leave them alone immediately. Harassing other players for any reason will not be tolerated. 

6. Posting flashing / eyestrain GIFs are not allowed.

7. Insulting, 'flaming', or personal attacks against any players or staff will not be tolerated. Threatening language towards a group or individual player may be met with an automatic account ban. 

8. Please be mindful of the language you use on chat and forums. A simple curse filter is in place to safeguard this system, but you are also expected to use fairly clean language, as the site is rated appropriate for ages 13+. Cursing directed at a particular user will never be tolerated. 

9. No illegal activity of any kind is allowed, nor will links to sites that promote or host illegal activity. 

10. You must not post or link to any inappropriate material, including hate speech, gore, or pornographic material. 

11. Do not introduce controversial or inflammatory topics. These include personal opinions on controversial topics (such as political views). 

12. Do not seek or give medical or therapeutic advice. 

13. Making public "blacklists" is forbidden. Acting like a moderator and attempting to manage other players is not allowed, nor is spreading any negative information on a user. Please report to Staff and let them, not the community, handle any issues. 

14. Stay on topic, and post in relevant sub-forums only. Messages posted in the wrong topic area will be removed and placed in the correct sub-forum by moderators. 

15. Discrimination against any religion, gender, sexuality, or race/ethnicity will not be tolerated.

All rules are in place to ensure our community remains a comfortable atmosphere for all players. 

Things to remember:
  • Sometimes a moment of thought before leaving a hasty response can make a big difference in sparing another's feelings. 
  • Choose your words carefully, as sarcasm and emotions/body language often do not carry as well over text.