Human Avatars

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Using your Wardrobe, players can change the clothes on their Human Avatar at any time! New Clothing can be created in the Alchemy Lab or purchased in the Festival Stall / Magnifique Boutique shops. Each profession has its own complete outfit which can only be crafted by players of that profession, so make sure to check user shops for new clothing ideas as well.

How To Change Clothes

Simply have any apparel options you want to change into present in your inventory, and select "Wardrobe" from the Character drop-down menu. The clothing you currently have on will be displayed, along with any new clothes you can apply in your inventory. Drag the apparel to layer them in a way that makes sense and makes your Human Avatar look great! Clicking on an item will add or remove it from your Human Avatar.

Don't forget to click the grey "save" button when you're finished. 


Wigs are a special Human Avatar apparel item that will replace your avatar's hair entirely, and allow you to layer the wig among your other clothing as well, giving you greater customization freedom!

Modesty Rules 

There is a universal rule in place that the crotch and nipple areas of both masculine and feminine Human Avatars must be covered at all times. Oftentimes large pieces such as dresses cover both, but don't register with the system (it might say that you need to put pants on, even if you're properly covered!) If this occurs, simply layer a small article of clothing on under the dress, such as the leggings.