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Welcome to your Alchemy Lab! This is where you'll be able to craft a variety of useful items using a variety of equipment. Crafting in Novilar is more complex than other petsites, so we'll help break it down for you a bit in these Knowledgebase articles.


Tutorial: Making Gold for Kael

In order to access the lab, you'll need to choose your profession if you have not already done so. Picked one? Good! You don't need to be an Alchemist specifically in order to use your Lab, it's open to all professions equally, and all professions have exclusive Recipes they are able to use to create valuable items to trade to other players.

Upon entering the lab for the first time, you'll be greeted by Kael, who has a short Tutorial for you to get you started in the world of Alchemy. He'll give you Gold Ore and ask you to create first Gold Dust, then a Gold Ingot for him to prove your competency in the lab. Once you've satisfied him enough to prove you're not about to blow yourself up, you can begin to explore! 

Your Lab: Illustration

As you unlock more of the Tools that are present in your lab, you'll see them appear in full color in your lab image. The ones that aren't currently usable, either because they are too high of a level or you haven't paid to unlock them yet, appear as a greyed-out silhouette. Work to become a Master in your field, and you'll have the entire Lab Illustration to admire! 

Quick Crafting: Most Recent

Quick Crafting Displays the last few recipes you've crafted. If you have all the necessary ingredients and the appropriate tool is off cooldown, you can simply click-to-craft! 

How To Craft: The Basics

In order to craft something, you need three basic things:
1. The Ingredients (and to put them in the correct order)
2. The Skill Level / Recipe / Profession (if applicable) that is required 
3. The Equipment (and for the equipment to be off cooldown) 

Your Recipes is a useful guide in showing you what ingredients and equipment are needed for any known recipes you would like to create! Simply select the required item from the drop-down menu (in the order they appear in the Recipe) and enter the number of items required - make sure this number isn't 0 or you might mess up and get some Arcane Goo instead! Then select the appropriate tool and, if you've done everything properly, you'll immediately receive your crafted item, and the tool you used will go on cooldown. 

Getting the Goo: What did I do wrong? 

Did something go awry and you ended up with Arcane Goo instead of whatever wonderful item you were hoping for? Not to worry, it's happened to everyone at some point. Simply double-check that you have the correct skills (including the right level and profession, if necessary) and have entered in all of the ingredients correctly, and in the right order. 

Good luck!