Lab Equipment


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Lab Equipment

Mortar and Pestle (lvl 1, 10 minute cooldown)

A primitive ceramic or stone tool used to grind materials into a fine powder or paste.

Crafting Table (lvl 1, 15 minute cooldown)
Your basic wooden table, useful for crafting things that do not require more complex equipment.

Crucible (lvl 1, 10 minute cooldown)
A container that can withstand very high temperatures used for metal, glass, and pigment production.

Centrifuge (lvl 2, 30 minute cooldown)
A higher tech tool that uses centripetal force to separate denser particles from less dense particles.

Distiller (lvl 2, 30 minute cooldown)
Tool that forces the separation of air into its components.

Extractor (lvl 3, 2 hours cooldown)
A tool to siphon an extract from a material.

Condenser (lvl 3, 2 hour cooldown)
Used to condense gas substances to liquid substances. 

Dessicator (lvl 4, 5 hour cooldown)
Used to extract or maintain moisture in a material. 

High-Temp Furnace (lvl 5, 24 hour cooldown)
A high powered thermal unit that can heat hot enough to melt even the toughest metals.

Diamond-Tipped Cutter (lvl 5, 24 hour cooldown)
A diamond-tipped cutting apparatus that can cut nearly any material, no matter how tough.