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How to Learn New Recipes

Some recipes unlock automatically, upon leveling up in your Profession or unlocking a new piece of Lab Equipment. Others, however, can be learned by reading a Recipe Scroll! Each Recipe Scroll permanently unlocks a unique crafting recipe that you'll be able to create, as long as you are at the required level and have all of the tools to do so.


Using a Scroll from your inventory makes you learn that recipe, and the used scroll item is automatically removed from your inventory (destroyed). This means that Scrolls are a one-time use item. Once you use a scroll, its recipe will be unlocked and appear in your Recipes Collection page. From there you'll be able to get the info you need in order to craft this new item! 

Once you've used a scroll, you'll have that recipe unlocked on your account forever, even if you change professions. You might not always be able to craft it (due to level or profession), but it will always be ready for you when you are. 

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