Guardian Altars


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Guardian Altars

Visiting the Altar

The last step in the Tutorial is meeting your Guardian at their altar and purifying a corrupt pet. You can check HERE if you've forgotten which explore region corresponds to your Guardian. Once you are at the correct altar, you will be presented with two choices: Leave an Offering or Summon the Guardian. Summon your Guardian in order to complete the tutorial and receive your second pet. Once you have done so, you can explore the two options further:

Leave an Offering


Guardians will either accept a life or death feather as an offering depending upon their Alignment (check this list if you are unsure). They will reward you for every feather offering. Life and Death feathers can be found as random events during normal gameplay. 

Summon the Guardian


Summoning the Guardian, if sucessful, will begin a miniquest for them. There is no restriction on which Guardians you are able to quest for, nor will doing more than one at a time affect you negatively in any way. A Guardian will request 1-3 items of varying quantities for you to retrieve. Do so within 24 hours and you'll be rewarded by the guardian with a special item for your effort.