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Gift yourself (or a friend) a Premium Membership and become a Novilar VIP!

How to become Premium


You can upgrade your account to Premium by using either a Premium Card or a Premium Gold Card. A Premium Card will upgrade your account to Premium for only one month, while the Premium Gold Card will upgrade your account to Premium for an entire year (12 months)!

Account Perks

Purchasing a Premium Account Upgrade is a great idea for players who want a boost to their entire gameplay experience. These buffs and account upgrades only apply while your account is Premium, and will go away if it expires. 

.02% bank interest (vs .01% basic)
More daily steps (+50 extra explore steps a day)
More space for your pets (+10 extra territory slots)
Larger user shop size (+10 extra items)
Shorter wait time when crafting (10% shorter crafting timers)
Unlock the Premium Chest once a month (drops piles of gold, totems, and more)
Premium Forum Vista 
Premium Icon 

Premium Chest

Once a month while your account is upgraded to Premium, you will be able to open the Premium Chest located in the bank! This chest opens randomly to one item (or item cache), each listed below alongside the percentage at which they are dropped. If you only have one month's worth of premium and you forget to open your chest, it will NOT roll over and be available the next month, so make sure to remember to stop by and open it for every month you are a Premium member! 

Cache of Items (40%, contains 10 resource or food items)
Life Feather (20%)
Death Feather (20%)
Random Minipet (15%)
Gold Coins (15%, contains 5k - 25k gold coins)
Any basic totem (10%)
Paintbrush (10%)
Mythic Totem (2%)
"Retired" Patreon Item (2%)