Breeding Grounds


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Breeding Grounds

Breed your pets in the Breeding Grounds to produce adorable offspring! 

Breeding Grounds

Select both a male and a female pet to begin, from the drop-down menu. Only pets that are available for breeding (and are not currently pregnant) will be listed.

Offspring Predictions show what the babies from your chosen pair might look like - this is not a guarantee, simply a sample of the color / marking combos available from a breeding! You can click the "Reload Predictions" button as many times as you want in order to refresh the offspring's images and get a larger sample size to see if you would like to breed these two pets or not. 

Q: What if I sell a pregnant pet? Who gets the offspring? 
A: If a pet was bred before it was sold, and a player was not specifically listed as the recipient of the offspring, then the offspring will be delivered back to the original player who bred them. This means that if you purchase a pregnant pet from another player, do not expect to receive that pet's offspring! The input box that reads "Who will receive this pet?" (otherwise known as the Recipient Input) will always be honored, and the offspring will always be sent to that user, if applicable, even if the pregnant pet changes hands. 

Q: How long will it take my pregnant pet to give birth? 
A: Pets are pregnant for five days, after which they will give birth to 1-3 offspring. However, you can use a QuickBirth Potion to make a pregnant pet give birth immediately. 

Q: Is there a breeding cooldown? 
A: Pets can be bred again as soon as they have given birth. 

Q: Can I release a pregnant pet? 
A: Both the mother and the father are "locked" from being released until the baby pet is born.