Editing Your Pet


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Editing Your Pet

There are two options when making changes to pets in your territory: Edit Pet and Manage Items.

Edit Pet

When editing your pet, you can change their name, change their description, and put them up for public sale and breeding. 

When putting a pet up for sale, they can be purchased by any player with the funds to do so immediately. Sales and Breeding prices are currently only listed in Gold Coins. Once your pet has been sold, you no longer own any rights to that pet and have no control over what its new owner does with it, so please choose this option carefully. Private sales and breeding arrangements between players are permitted, but are not secured or insured by the administration, so handle with care. Any apparel or skins equipped to a pet will remain equipped to that pet when it is sold.

Once you put your pet up for public breeding, you will be able to accept or reject any incoming Breeding Requests at your discretion, as well as view any items the second player plans to use with the breeding, if accepted. If you reject a breeding offer, those items will simply be returned to the player who owns them. Offspring will be delivered to the player who requested / paid for the breeding.

Manage Items

You are able to manage your pet's items by changing their Scene, Apparel, and equipped Minipet. Your pet's preview image will change in real-time to reflect these changes. 

Scenes are unlockable pet backgrounds and are automatically applied behind your pet's image. Apparel can be equipped and re-arranged on your pet in order to make it look its best! Finally, a minipet can be equipped, which may buff that pet's stats or change your experience during Explore.

See the Minipets Knowledgebase article for more info on minipet abilities.