Markings (vs) Dyes


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Markings (vs) Dyes


Markings are sorted into three rarity tiers: common, uncommon, and rare. Common markings can be made with any basic totems. Common and uncommon markings can both be found on wild (corrupted) pets, and rare markings can only be made using a Mythic or Life totem. 

All pet markings can be bred across species, and pass down to offspring depending on their rarity. 


A Dye is a special add-on marking that layers on top of all of a pet's "true" markings but under any skins or apparel that the pet is wearing. Dyes are like face painting for your pet, and can only be applied to your adult pet after it's already been created (thus are not available during the pet creation process). Dyes do not pass on to offspring during breeding, and they can be removed for free at any time. Dye items are one-use, so removing one will not give you the dye back into your inventory.

When you go to apply a Dye from your inventory, you will be taken to a screen that allows you to select the color and preview it on your pet. Dyes can only be crafted by the Scribe Profession, or are alternatively sold in the Crystal Exchange.

Currently Available Dyes: 
  • Warpaint Dye
  • Paintspill Dye
  • Floral Dye